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$10bn Indian conglomerate buys cloud-native firm Cuelogic Technologies - ttc-single-post-news.php

$15bn later, CyrusOne releases 2021 Sustainability Report - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Abu Dhabi conglomerate pours $2bn into India’s Adani - ttc-single-post-news.php

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority backs $2bn SC Capital Partners data centre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Accenture buys Waterland Private Equity’s cloud consulting firm - ttc-single-post-news.php

ACDC launches first phase of 3GW bitcoin infrastructure pipeline - ttc-single-post-news.php

ACEIS Capital to rollout data centre network under $5bn digital infrastructure budget - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Adani lands 130 acres plot for mega $2bn data centre and business park - ttc-single-post-news.php

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AIIB invests $150m to build data centres across emerging Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

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AirTrunk sets Planet, People and Progress strategy for sustainable growth - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Aligned Data Centers moves into Oregon with 108MW development - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Aligned scores largest green data centre securitisation ever at $1.7bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aligned ups sustainability-linked credit facility to $1.25bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

AllianzGI tops $23bn in infrastructure debt investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Alphabet’s Google Cloud to announce Greece hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Altice USA, Morgan Stanley fibre player tops 20,000 route miles - ttc-single-post-news.php

Altice USA’s east coast fibre business expands Boston coverage - ttc-single-post-news.php

Amazon eyes European expansion with 2 new Dublin data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Amazon lands $8bn loan as it announces the letting go of 18,000 staff - ttc-single-post-news.php

Amazon senior finance head to lead Stream Data Centers investor partner collaborations - ttc-single-post-news.php

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APAC consortium to study feasibility of ocean data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Apollo sells tower logo to Harmoni Towers igniting $1bn comms platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Apollo, Elliot Investment inject $900m into Western Digital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Apollo’s telco to invest $2bn in US fibre network rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Apple allocates part of $450bn budget to data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Apple opens $1bn China data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Apple wants 2026 extension on $1bn Irish data centre site - ttc-single-post-news.php

April delivers $20bn in data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

APTelecom launches subsea cable and edge data centres investment arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aquila Capital mulling half a billion Dollar infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aquila Capital names data centre business CEO, vows to expand beyond the Nordics - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aquila Capital planning hyperscale data centre in Catalonia - ttc-single-post-news.php

ARCH Capital launches Asia’s latest multi-billion Dollar digital infrastructure platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Arctic Wolf better supports European security with German SOC - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ardian closes oversubscribed infrastructure fund at $2.1bn hard cap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ardian Infrastructure in all-stake buyout of Iceland’s largest integrated telecoms network - ttc-single-post-news.php

Arelion expands in Mexico as internet penetration deepens - ttc-single-post-news.php

Arelion grows board with new Chief Commercial Officer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Arelion invests in East Europe digital infrastructure presence - ttc-single-post-news.php

AREP-backed $1bn data centre division launches with heavyweight board appointments - ttc-single-post-news.php

AREP, Harrison Street ramp up data centre startup launch ahead of first opening in 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ares closes $5bn infra fund with a focus on digital investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Argo Infrastructure Partners buys majority in TierPoint with $500m round - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aries I Acquisition Corp moves date for business combo with metaverse infrastructure player - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ark Data Centres to use hydrogen to power hyperscale campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Arm walks into IPO mode with new CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Asia Direct Cable set to link seven shores by end of 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Asia’s newest edge data centre operator inks satellite deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Asia’s richest man to invest $100bn in data centres and energy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Asterion Industrial Partners buys Italy’s Irideos to form the nation’s largest alternative B2B connectivity provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

Asterion mulls LATAM data centres sale, closes in on $113m Telefónica portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Asteroid invests in Kenyan data centre IXP - ttc-single-post-news.php

At $3.4bn, Digital Realty’s 2022 revenues already surpass 2021 - ttc-single-post-news.php

AtlasEdge bulks up German stronghold with real estate M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

AtlasEdge buys further into UK market with data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

AtlasEdge lands Digital Realty equity investment as company names first CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Atman unveils plans for 58MW Warsaw data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

atNorth seals $80m debt financing to continue growth journey - ttc-single-post-news.php

AUBix opens phase one of $300m Auburn campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Audax Private Equity buys controlling stake in network infrastructure player - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ault Global Holdings rebrands as it splits into two public companies - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ault Global Holdings to split in half and form new data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australasian consortium buys InfraCo Towers stake for $2.1bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) DCI Report 2021: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

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Australia’s DXN no longer selling digital infrastructure assets to PAG Real Estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s Hickory kicks-off $1.1bn data centre construction roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s IFM Investors puts $1bn towards German fibre infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s Megaport enters Mexico via data centre partnership - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s NextDC buys 20% stake in gov’t sovereign cloud provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s NextDC niches $1.4bn in liquidity with latest debt facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s NEXTDC opens $660m Sydney data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australia’s tower operator Axicom sold for $2.68bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australian data centre operators up cloud game amid demand surge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Australian digital infrastructure players buy up market share - ttc-single-post-news.php

Austrian gov’t invests into NTT Vienna data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Aviva Investors funds UK fibre roll out with $127m trancher - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS $3bn Spain data centre journey starts in 2022 – June 8, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

AWS affirms $4.4bn data centre investment in India - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS re:Invent 2021: Over 30 new cloud Local Zones announced as NASDAQ inks partnership to redesign capital markets digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS sums $3.71bn in India cloud infrastructure rollout CAPEX - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS to open edge zones in 25 countries on 6 continents - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS to spend $2.4bn building UK data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS’ new Indonesia cloud region to add $11bn in national GDP contributions - ttc-single-post-news.php

AWS’ first 2022 launch comes with several new US cloud zones - ttc-single-post-news.php

AXA IM sells Milan data centre to Kryalos’s Hayfin Capital Management - ttc-single-post-news.php

AXA IM’s Data4 eyeing $227m debut investment in Polish data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ayala-backed Globe tops $1.5bn in 2022 CAPEX with digital infrastructure expansion ‘on track’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

AyalaLand and PAG’s FLOW to build data centres in Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ayotunde Coker to take highest board position at Open Access Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Azrieli Group buys London data centre biz in Green Mountain’s first international expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Azrieli’s Green Mountain builds out Oslo 75MW hyperscale campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

BAI invests into Italy’s comms infrastructure with new business unit - ttc-single-post-news.php

Baidu prices $1bn in ESG bonds as Beijing pressure grows on big tech - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bain Capital’s Chindata names new chief executive - ttc-single-post-news.php

BAM Digital Realty ready to begin multi-billion-dollar India expansion with new CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bank of New York Mellon sells data centre to Stro Cos - ttc-single-post-news.php

Banks left fighting for business by betting on digital banking platforms - ttc-single-post-news.php

Barbara Bush Foundation focuses on digital infrastructure to battle America’s literacy challenge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Barcelona gains new internet exchange as bandwidth jumps 35% - ttc-single-post-news.php

Barings closes latest fund pushing firm’s Global Infrastructure platform to $14.3bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Basalt Infrastructure Partners Acquires Skyway Towers - ttc-single-post-news.php

Basalt Infrastructure Partners invests $134m in Digital Infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Batam attracts $1.5bn in data centre CAPEX - ttc-single-post-news.php

Batelco opens Bahrain’s largest enterprise data centre to date - ttc-single-post-news.php

BCM One enters Asia Pacific with acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

BDx announces entry into Indonesia via $300m JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

BDx celebrates $300m JV with launch of Indonesian data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

BDx names new Indonesia boss - ttc-single-post-news.php

BDx, China Telecom sign Hong Kong interconnectivity agreement - ttc-single-post-news.php

Beijing’s tech clampdown drives Microsoft to shut down LinkedIn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Belgian Infrastructure Fund to lead $4.2bn investment in national fibre roll-out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Belgium launches Digital Infrastructure Association to boost investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Berkshire Partners invest $215m in Middle Eastern underground data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Berkshire Partners’ Teraco opens half of 1m sqft data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bharti Airtel to spend $16bn on data centres and towers across India - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bhupendra Kiny - ttc-single-post-news.php

Big data centre players pouring hundreds of millions of Dollars into Sterling - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bigleaf launches PoP at Equinix’s Data Center Alley facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Biodiversity, water, waste: Schneider Electric publishes guide for environmental friendly data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

BIT Mining increases investment in 150MW Ohio crypto data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

BIT Mining’s board reduced to five members as China’s crypto clampdown continues - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bitcoin digital infrastructure operator expands production plant by 11 acres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bitcoin miner launches 200MW data centre in Canada - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bitcoin miner on journey to 1.4GW production buys US colocation power - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bitfury enlists Intel’s award-winning executive as CTO - ttc-single-post-news.php

BlackRock announces energy transition strategy that includes digital infrastructure assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

BlackRock backs $1bn digital infrastructure fund from DTCP - ttc-single-post-news.php

BlackRock’s latest infra fund raises $4.5bn at first close - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone appoints chairman and CEO of Snowflake as senior advisor - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone buys QTS for $10bn – June 7, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Blackstone buys QTS Realty Trust for $10bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone buys stake in transatlantic private cell tower - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone deploys hundreds of millions into Chinese data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone hires new global co-head for Blackstone Alternative Asset Management - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone launches Asian data centre investment platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone to cash out of Indian REIT to focus on data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone’s future data centre business QTS reports 18% revenue growth - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blackstone’s QTS grabs 350MW of renewables to power Atlanta data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blockchains going private - ttc-single-post-news.php

Blue-chip institutional investors back new LATAM data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bluebird ‘nests’ ColoHub data centre in latest M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

BNP Paribas Real Estate targets land acquisitions with new data centre team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Boca Raton’s SBA investing $200m in Philippines tower play - ttc-single-post-news.php

Boston REIT acquires DataSite data centres for over $154m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil infra players rush to bring edge data centre investments online - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil lined up for $3.7bn in data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s Ascenty investing $242m, gears up 5 data centre openings soon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s edge data centre economy continues to expand - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s Elea Digital issues multi-million Dollar water bond - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s Odata joins race for Mexico data centre market-boom - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s Pátria mulls $1bn data centre sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brazil’s Scala lands IBM top engineer for CTO driver’s seat - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bridge Data Centres adds site in Malaysia as APAC set for $60bn colocation breakthrough - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bringing 5G & IoT to the Retail Sector: Enable Retail Transformation -

Broadcom launches $10bn share repurchase program - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield closes $15bn climate transition fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield eyes up new $25bn infrastructure fund, targets data centres, towers, and fibre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield Infrastructure portfolio reaches 160k towers and 50 data centre assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield racing for Switch data centre portfolio takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield to build 1.3m sqf Mumbai data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield-backed operator teams up with Archer Datacenters for new $200m Nashville development - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield-backed WIG acquires wireless tower assets from Cellnex - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield, Alecta close $860m Nordic tower deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield, American Tower eye $54bn takeover of Spain’s Cellnex - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield, Digital Realty make first joint investment for India data centre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield’s DCI Data Centers announces Canberra investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield’s DCI invests in further Australian data centre expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield’s DCI plotting $1bn New Zealand data centre roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Brookfield’s LATAM investee opens $180m data centre for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP wins the Law Firm Award at The Tech Capital Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-special.php

Budget 2022: India grants data centres infrastructure status, but what does it mean? - ttc-single-post-news.php

Building a Data Retention Strategy for Infrastructure and Governance - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Bulk Data Centers to build 1GW pan-Nordic digital infrastructure platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bulk Data Centers to expand Oslo presence following site acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bulk Fiber Networks completes Norway to Denmark fiber subsea cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

Bulk Infrastructure data centres are now OCP certified - ttc-single-post-news.php

Businesses spent $57bn on cloud infrastructure services in Jul-Aug 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Businesses warned of footing bills of up to $5m per data breach - ttc-single-post-news.php

BW Digital buys trans-pacific cable connecting 356 million users - ttc-single-post-news.php

BW Digital closes all-stock acquisition of subsea cable giant - ttc-single-post-news.php

ByteDance delays opening of $473m Dublin data centre amid Covid-19 supply chain delays - ttc-single-post-news.php

C5 Capital invests in digital infrastructure group Cassava Technologies - ttc-single-post-news.php

Calcium DC sells $90m site to Iron Mountain - ttc-single-post-news.php

Can hydrogen become the power source of data centres? - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canada targeted as data centre acquisition spree persists - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canada’s eStruxture appoints AWS lead as infrastructure SVP - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canada’s eStruxture opens 30MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canada’s QScale appoints ex Google, Apple, Lyft, Dundee Capital execs to board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canadian miner Hut 8 nears Ontario data centre opening - ttc-single-post-news.php

Canadian startup breaks ground on $700m data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cape Town to house Africa’s latest hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Capital Square 1031 buys Los Angeles data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Capital Square promotes Mercado who has raised more than $3.5bn of investor equity over the years - ttc-single-post-news.php

Capital Square’s H1 2021 amounts to over $565 million in real estate investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand buys one of India’s largest tech parks - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand names CEO tasked with $1.5bn India data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand places $1.5bn for data centre construction in India - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand shareholders approve $15.9bn restructuring - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand, DigitalBridge and Netrality Data Centers – July 21, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

CapitaLand’s $15.9bn restructuring put in the hands of shareholders - ttc-single-post-news.php

CapitaLand’s data centre investments top $1.2bn with new Mumbai site - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlos Sagasta - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlyle closes data centre acquisition from M/C Partners - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlyle commits $1bn into US tower rollout with Tillman Global Holdings - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlyle to buy data center business Involta - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlyle-backed Involta swaps CEO as part of ‘transformation trajectory’ campaign - ttc-single-post-news.php

Carlyle-backed Nxtra Data breaks ground in East India hyperscale campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

CARR closes data centre infrastructure management acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava Technologies delists Israel’s tech house Telrad as all stock buyout completes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava Technologies to add 100MW to South Africa footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava Technologies’ Liquid buys into Google Equiano subsea cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava, Mitsui join forces to develop data centres across Africa - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava’s ADC opens Nigeria hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cassava’s ADC to set up Rwanda data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cayman Islands’ cryptocurrency infrastructure provider to invest in Indonesia - ttc-single-post-news.php

CBRE transacted more than $1bn of European data centre assets traded in 2021 - ttc-single-post-news.php

CBRE warns of data centre rental prices skyrocketing 6% in 2022 amid Covid-19 supply chain crisis - ttc-single-post-news.php

CBRE’s Q2 revenues jump 20% to $6.4bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

CDC Data Centres closes $2bn debt financing and capital markets issuance - ttc-single-post-news.php

CDH Investments raises $310m for Chinese data centre fund, mulls new capital raising round - ttc-single-post-news.php

CDPQ eyes multi-billion Dollar investment spree across LATAM - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cellnex CEO says tower ‘M&A activity is over’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cellnex completes $11.5bn UK tower takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chayora pushes ahead with China hyperscale data centre roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chicago to house 21MW healthcare-targeted data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

China Merchants racing for Chindata’s $2bn portfolio takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

China Mobile International opens data centre in “financial capital of the European Union” - ttc-single-post-news.php

China powers up Yangtze River data centre in boost to west’s digital economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

China Telecom set to raise $8.4bn in Shanghai after being booted off NYSE - ttc-single-post-news.php

China to spend $85bn on cloud infrastructure services - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Alibaba flexes cloud muscles on western giants with overseas data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Alibaba to build $1bn logistics and data centre in Türkiye - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Chindata Group data centre portfolio hits 776MW - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s GDS Holdings inks 39% net revenue growth for 2Q21 - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s GDS sets eyes on Indonesia with 100,000 sqf data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Henan province announces $7.4bn digital infrastructure investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Hotwon Group valuation on brick of $1.5bn amid new data centre funding round - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s JD.com raises $800m from Hillhouse Investment, Warburg Pincus - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Kingsoft Cloud CEO resigns and exits board - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Kingsoft Cloud Holdings chases Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Kingsoft Cloud pushes ahead with double listing, new name, and expanded Board - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Kingsoft navigates ‘zero Covid’ ruling but takes a hit on quarterly results - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Meten Holding Group to set up crypto mining infrastructure business - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s Ping An Group buys stock in financial institutions tech provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s The9 secures US data centre power for crypto trading - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s VNET reports 16% revenue increase - ttc-single-post-news.php

China’s VNET treads close to $1bn revenues - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata 2022 revenues close on half a billion Dollars overtaking FY22 in 9 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata aims at 2030 for carbon neutrality - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata Group snaps up US$500 million syndicated loan - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata reports 64% YoY growth with over 200MW of hyperscale power currently under construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata restructures C-board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata sets eyes on 2040 – not 2030 – for full carbon neutrality - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata ups 2022 guidance to $635m as emerging markets business expands - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chindata’s founder and CEO vacates position and exits group’s committees - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chinese data centre giant VNET Group evaluating new $1.1bn share buyout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Chirisa Investments sells West US data centre to Strategic Capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

CIM Group injects $355m into Novva Data Centers - ttc-single-post-news.php

CIVH, Vodacom $855m infrastructure merger forms new South Africa InfraCo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Claire Vandromme - ttc-single-post-news.php

Claranet bulks up Spain play with new acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Claranet carries out one of its largest acquisitions in Portugal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Climate Capital – Are specialised solutions necessary for digital infrastructure energy transition? - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Climate Capital: Making climate investing profitable in digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Climate lobbyists visit Brussels, Comcast Business expansion and Canada’s investment spree – June 23, 2021 | The Tech Capita - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Cloud as an operating model for superlative consistency - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Cloud digital infrastructure collaboration is now a $60bn business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud giant Confluent debuts on Nasdaq via SPAC with $820m IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud infrastructure builder Digital Ocean sets $1bn rev target - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud platform Five9 opens European R&D hub in Portugal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud Q3 revenues hit record $45bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud security business adds $2bn in valuation in six months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud services brokerage market to more than double by 2025 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cloud-native security takes an ‘ExtraHop’ in Asia Pacific - ttc-single-post-news.php

CloudHQ breaks ground on $2.5bn Illinois mega data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

CloudHQ plans to bring $2.5bn Chicago data center online by 2024 - ttc-single-post-news.php

ClusterPower unveils plans for 200MW Eastern Europe data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Coalition for Digital Africa initiates works to improve continent’s IXPs presence - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cogent establishes POP in Mexico’s second-largest metropolitan area - ttc-single-post-news.php

Coller Capital cashes in $1.4bn for credit secondary fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cologix invests in making western Canada a colocation hub like San Francisco - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cologix makes former CyrusOne, QTS exec chief strategy officer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cologix planning $1.1bn data centre ABS note - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cologix’s renewable energy consumption covered 45% of operations in 2020 - ttc-single-post-news.php

ColoHouse buys Illinois data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt DCS brings former TelecityGroup CFO onboard - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt DCS chases hyperscale strategy with 10 land parcels acquisitions across Europe, Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt increases Iberian CAPEX with new digital infrastructure location - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt poaches Telefónica’s long-running people’s executive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt ups bet on Spain, Portugal fibre hub - ttc-single-post-news.php

Colt’s 17 European data centres are now fully powered by renewables - ttc-single-post-news.php

Columbia Capital, DigitalBridge launch new APAC fibre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Coming #June14 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Comms PE investor lands IHS Holding chief for its investment team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Compass Datacenters to launch first European hub with real estate giant Hines - ttc-single-post-news.php

Competence is the New Charisma – Leadership for an Evolving World - ttc-single-post-news.php

Competence is the New Charisma – Virtual Panel - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Conexus Law hires Nancy Lamb amid ‘soaring demand’ for data centre legal services - ttc-single-post-news.php

Confluent’s NASDAQ debut, Acronis’ India data centre, Senegal’s data repatriation – June 25, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Continent 8 moves in on Puerto Rico’s gaming scene with new data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Convergence Partners eyes digital infrastructure investments with new $300m fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

COP26: The lessons for digital infrastructure investors - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

COPT launches data centre shell JVs with Blackstone Real Estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

COPT sells $222m site to Cloud Capital, exits data centre wholesale segment - ttc-single-post-news.php

COPT, Blackstone Real Estate acquire $119m in data centre assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

COPT, Blackstone Real Estate in $300m data centre JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cordiant Digital Infrastructure closes $400m acquisition of Polish tower company - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cordiant Digital Infrastructure eyeing $3.3bn in investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cordiant Digital Infrastructure invests $554m in acquiring data centres and towers - ttc-single-post-news.php

Core Scientific agrees on restructuring after growing electricity costs and non-paying customers force Chapter 11 filling - ttc-single-post-news.php

Core Scientific lands 100MW bitcoin power deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

CoreSite Q3 2021: Funds from operations down on previous quarter - ttc-single-post-news.php

CoreSite’s Northern Virginia campus reaches 100% renewable energy status - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cox Communications commits $1.2bn into digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

CPP Investments, Pacific Asset to co-invest $170m in South Korea data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

CPP Investments’ BAI bulks up NA play with digital infrastructure takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Crestline Investors equity backs Evocative’s INAP data centre M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

Crestline Investors finances cloud-to-edge computing player’s expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Crown Castle names new EVP, COO as 2021 growth outlook hits 12% - ttc-single-post-news.php

Crown Castle, T-Mobile ink 12-year 5G towers expansion agreement - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS Datacenter hires AWS APAC energy guru to drive sustainable data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS Datacenters breaks ground in northeast India’s largest metropolis - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS Datacenters deploys 700MW GIS to power Mumbai hyperscale campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS joins Hyderabad’s $3.5bn AWS, Microsoft data centre club with new hyperscale facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS rivals India competition with launch of interconnect services - ttc-single-post-news.php

CtrlS to cease being India-centric as plans for global data centre rollout are published - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cube Infrastructure Managers deploys $45m to boost Spain’s FTTH - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cummins names first woman CEO 103 years after it first launched - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cumulus Data appoints former CyrusOne VP to CRO role - ttc-single-post-news.php

CVC Capital Partners discards London for IPO, mulls Euronex listing - ttc-single-post-news.php

CVF Capital Partners, Plexus Capital sell LightRiver - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne $15bn acquisition by KKR, GIC approved by 8 in 10 stockholders - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne brings in Google’s $5bn investment leader to foster data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne cuts Texas data centre power prices with renewable purchase - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne European operations 100% green 9 years ahead of schedule - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne grows Spain data centre workforce ahead of breaking ground in Madrid - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne nearing $10bn sale to private equity giants - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne poaches Equinix’s big shot Eric Schwartz for CEO role - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne ups FY21 revenue guidance to $1.2bn as new CEO takes office - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne, Iron Mountain take on data centre carbon footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

CyrusOne’s assets valued at nearly $10bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cyxtera announces expansion CAPEX budget boost of 90% - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cyxtera debuts on NASDAQ as it completes $3.4 billion Starboard Value Acquisition business combination - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cyxtera poaches investor relations weapon from Iron Mountain, CoreSite - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cyxtera Technologies to redeem all outstanding warrants - ttc-single-post-news.php

Cyxtera’s board thumbs up transition into data centre REIT - ttc-single-post-news.php

D9 Infrastructure set to raise $274m to finance telco acquisition and further data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

D9 turns Verne Global into $600m business with new platform merger - ttc-single-post-news.php

DAMAC Group to invest $100m in the metaverse - ttc-single-post-news.php

Daniel K. Schlanger - ttc-single-post-news.php

Danish 16,000 people giant consultancy group doubles data centre team via M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

DartPoints creates new board role to address channel demand - ttc-single-post-news.php

DartPoints grows edge C-suite with ex-Windstream exec - ttc-single-post-news.php

DartPoints to expand South Carolina data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Darwin data centre posed to be Australia’s digital gateway to Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Daryl Seaton - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data Center Alley lands 200,000sqf facility to support internet economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data Center Resiliency is About Much More than Uptime - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Data centre crypto miner breaks ground on 600MW Texas facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre developments pick up outside London’s borders - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre expansions, acquisitions and edge computing launches – July 09, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Data centre heavyweights join SpainDC as Madrid prepares to take over Paris by 2026 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre hedge fund hits $330m valuation after UAE-backed series A1 funding round - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre operator Cyxtera closes facility with PNC Bank - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre operators rush with Oregon expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre power en route to $15bn market value - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre REIT COPT elects ex-Department of Defense CIO to Board of Trustees - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre REIT CoreSite exploring sale options at $8.8bn enterprise value – report - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre REIT Equinix takes green bonds issuance to record $4.9bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre REITs performance tumbles 25% YTD - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centre startup to build $120m data centre in Alabama - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centres green-lighted for new $500bn Saudi smart city - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data centres issuing $5.62bn less in securitised debt in 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data4 announces two new members of leadership team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Data4 moves into Germany with $1bn data centre project - ttc-single-post-news.php

DATA4 pushes ahead with $280m Poland data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank breaks ground on 40MW Ashburn campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank buys 34-acre land plot in New York - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank closes zColo M&A by adding 5 data centres to portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank expands in Atlanta as city’s data centre leasing activity jumps 92% - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank expands in Las Vegas as portfolio passes 2m sqft mark - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank funds new Silicon Slopes data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank has $1bn in liquidity to fund US data centre expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank increases capacity at 23-acre data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank invests in 40MW Texas data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank names COO who was behind public launch of AWS - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank pushes for ‘owning and controlling’ real estate with data centre purchase - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank ramps up Atlanta data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

DataBank turns ON 14-acre data park in Minnesota - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dates announced for The Tech Capital International Finance Forum and Awards 2023 tailored to digital infrastructure executives and investors - ttc-single-post-news.php

David Doyle - ttc-single-post-news.php

David Fallon - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC Alliance closes deal on 5MW data centre development in Palau - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC BLOX expands sites across the US amid HPC demand - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC BLOX opens data centre in South Carolina - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC BLOX poaches EdgeConneX’s M&A head - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC BLOX tops $285m in funding backed by Post Road Group, Bain Capital Credit - ttc-single-post-news.php

DC REIT Equinix adds Malaysia to global investment portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCD, Angelo Gordon launch data centre boutique developer - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCG’s Foundry buys digital real estate as asset mining markets shift - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCI Data Centers ramps up data centre capital spending - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCI Data Centers to debut in New Zealand with capital data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCI gets go ahead for $307m Sidney data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCI Indonesia eyes $130bn digital economy opportunity with West Java data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DCI Indonesia opens 600MW data centre campus backed by billionaire Anthoni Salim - ttc-single-post-news.php

DEAC ramps up Baltics’ data centre monopoly - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dell Technologies, SK Telecom and VMware join forces in edge computing drive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Demystifying Data Democratization – what, how, and why now? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Deutsche Bank-backed DC Blox sets sail with new digital infrastructure development - ttc-single-post-news.php

Deutsche Glasfaser Group gets $6.5bn in Germany’s largest fibre financing to date - ttc-single-post-news.php

deVere CEO declares investors’ appetite for risk is back - ttc-single-post-news.php

DF&I name new CEO as US dark fibre demand increases - ttc-single-post-news.php

DFC unlocks $300m loan to Africa Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

DGI9’s European subsidiary buys Asian subsea cable operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Did a bad data centre software update bring down CNN, the New York Times, the BBC, Spotify, Amazon, Google and others? -

DIF Capital Partners acquire US data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

DIF Capital Partners continues digital infrastructure investments across towers and fibre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DIF Capital Partners expands digital infrastructure team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digicel Pacific valued at $1.85bn as business sale closes - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigiPex launches extra Norway data centre site - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigiPlex buys 1.2 million sqf land plot for giant Danish site - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigiPlex gears up for expansion with for Mace executive - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigiPlex hires ex-Capgemini’s head to support Swedish operations - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigiPlex land grabbing continues for future data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digita Oy announces ‘significant investment’ in its data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 buys Nordic data centre operator as trust’s investments accelerate - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure backing fresh Verne Global data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure buys high stake in CPP Investments’ Arqiva Group for $368m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure buys Host Ireland for $65m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure buys London’s GAData Holdings data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure increases size of first follow-on share sale to £175m – June 11, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure launches Europe’s newest data centre platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure plc raises fresh capital for further asset investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure pours a further $93m into Nordic data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure reshuffles board as execs exit business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure targets $18m average monthly investment till 2027 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital 9 Infrastructure tops $1.1bn in raised capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Alpha buys Unitas Global - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Colony lands $4.1bn for new digital infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Core REIT buys stake in DLR’s Frankfurt hub but steps back on US purchase - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Edge buys Japan data centres for $230m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Edge to open $110m Stonepeak-backed Japan data centre in the New Year - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infra entity Cassava names ex CyrusOne CEO chief exec of Africa Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infrastructure ETF index aimed at investors debuts on the NYSE - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infrastructure key in India’s 2023 $4bn PE real estate investment wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infrastructure REIT DigitalBridge sells Wellness Infrastructure for $3.2bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infrastructure stocks slump amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital infrastructure world pays tribute after death of Queen Elizabeth II - ttc-single-post-special.php

Digital is powering change – The Tech Capital -

Digital Realty announces Middle East market debut - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty buying up land in Greece for extra expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty buys up Seoul land for 64MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty closes $271m Swiss bond offering - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty closes Q2 season north of $1bn in revenues - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty colocation revenue growth accelerates to 10% in Q2 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty confirms intention to explore Singapore REIT IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty considering an IPO – June 10, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Digital Realty consolidates Africa play with closing of $3.5bn Teraco takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty CTO explains new interconnection data centre infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty declares quarterly cash dividend of $1.22 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty enters South Korea data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty expands in Canada and France - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty eyes $850m in Euro Notes to finance expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty files for Singapore IPO seeking $235m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty founding PE firm closes $3.9bn fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty lands Wall Street REIT expert to lead investor relations - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty names Board’s first woman chair - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty names ex-GE CFO new APAC boss - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty names first ever President as data centre business booms - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty names new CEO as Board ousts former chief executive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty opens 3Q21 results season with $1.1bn in revenues - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty secures $350m in notes offering to finance acquisitions and expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty sells San Jose data centre to global developer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty takes AWS Direct Connect 100G to Seattle and Dublin - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty to buy majority stake in Teraco valuing Africa’s operator at $3.5bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty to exit $205m data centre facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty to rebrand REIT and kill Interxion logo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty tops 1GW in green-certified data centre standards - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty unit ups fibre play to boost trade between UK, EU - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty unveils 48-megawatt California data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty-backed $1.4bn REIT to IPO in Singapore on Dec 6 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty, Brookfield join to launch India data centre venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty, Facebook and the Raxio Group – July 15, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Digital Realty, Mitsubishi Corp launch first colocation services in Tokyo as part of $1.8bn JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s CEO employment contract amended to 1-year rolling terms - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s CRO on the future of digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Digital Realty’s CTO joins telecom fibre cable giant as co-chair - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s DCRU shares rally in Singapore market debut - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s Interxion bulks up Iberia presence amidst bandwidth surge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s Interxion concludes phase one of $1.32bn Paris campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s Interxion to build $100m data centre to serve EU’s capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s Medallion Data Centres appoints new CFO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s net income skyrockets 382% in 12 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Realty’s revolving credit facility upsized to $3bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Digital Twin: The modern time machine for change processes - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

DigitalBridge announces $200m share buyback programme - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge board reinstates quarterly dividend payable to shareholders by mid-October - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge books 18% YoY quarter revenue growth - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge brings in the big guns with former DH Capital CEO who oversaw $30bn in M&A transactions - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge buys 12 data centres from Colt DCS for new edge computing business - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge buys its way into Chile’s fibre marketplace - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge closes $1.5bn DataBank recapitalisation - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge closes $8.3bn digital infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge closes sale of $500m portfolio to Fortress Investment Group - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge continues Pacific coast data centre build-out with DataBank - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge drops out of $1.8bn Odata data centre business sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge expands Vantage SDC with $539m data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge injects $385m into UK’s fibre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge inks $330m deal to buy AMP’s global infrastructure equity arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge invests in Leading Edge Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge launches Icelandic towerco via acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge names Bush, Obama FCC nominee head of global policy and public investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge names new Latin American investment management business boss - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge Q1: Record revenues, 2m sqft of data centres, and becoming a Top 5 digital infrastructure asset manager - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge says strategic roadmap now entering stage II - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge sets up Belgium footprint with $820m tower acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge snaps up Malaysian data centre group for $440m - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge takes control of the US’ largest private owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge takes ownership of tower operator Vertical Bridge Holdings - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge teams up with Brookfield to buy $17.5bn majority stake in GD Towers - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge Ventures leads capital funding round into Massachusetts connectivity platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge-backed ATP buys LATAM tower business - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge-backed DataBank closes $670m data centre acquisition from CyrusOne - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge-backed Scala Data Centers plans 28 new sites in $3.5bn investment roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, Brookfield seal $19bn takeover of GD Towers - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, Columbia Capital buy Hong Kong, Singapore assets in first APAC fibre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, Equinix, Stonepeak in run for Time Dotcom’s $600m data centre biz - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, IFC forge $100m digital infrastructure partnership - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, IFM buy Switch, Inc in mega $11bn deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, IFM take Switch off NYSE as $11bn takeover completes - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge, Liberty Global name Google infrastructure veteran edge data centre tech chief - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s DataBank buys $670m worth of data centre assets from CyrusOne - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Scala signs up 1,600 GWh of clean energy for data centre operations - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Beanfield acquires Canada’s Urbanfibre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Chile fibre giant plotting $200m infrastructure investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s data centre operator opens largescale recruitment hunt - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s DataBank opens Utah data centre for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s DataBank terminates $1.4bn zColo acquisition migration works - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Highline wins $332m tower auction that American Tower and IHS Towers failed to turn up to - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Scala brings $140m São Paulo data center online - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Scala Data Centers presses ahead with São Paulo facilities construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Scala issues Brazil’s largest-ever green bonds - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s subsidiary sets date for $400m Chile data centres opening - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Vantage allocates $700m for Canada expansion backed by Société Générale - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Vantage buys out JV partners EVO, DCG on Frankfurt data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s Vantage tops out Arizona hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DigitalBridge’s venture capital unit invests into 5G infrastructure player - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dissecting $15.7bn in data centre investments - ttc-single-post-special.php

DivcoWest buys $135m New York data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

DMaaS – The Power Of People, Processes And Machine Learning – The Future of Data Centres podcast with Serverfarm - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

DMaaS is the Future – Is it Time to Lay DCIM to Rest? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

DMaaS Vs. DCIM – The Future of Data Centres podcast with Serverfarm - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Doing more to ensure the circularity of IT in the data centre - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Dominus Capital completes investment in Uptime Institute - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dongning Wang - ttc-single-post-news.php

DPR Construction, Skanska break ground on data centre projects in Europe and the US - ttc-single-post-news.php

Drought-hit Arizona pushes ahead with largescale data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

DTCP appoints M&A exec as digital infrastructure Managing Partner - ttc-single-post-news.php

DTCP holds $300m fund closing backed by Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai billionaire confirms role in new global digital infrastructure player launched in the summer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai property billionaire mulling data centre investments in Italy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai to house Middle East and Africa’s largest solar-powered data center - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai’s Damac Group eyeing $1bn data centre investment in Germany - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai’s Damac Group invests $100m into Dataplex - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dubai’s EDGNEX picks JLL for global data centre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Dutch telco closes $1.2bn green credit facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

e&, G42 conclude merger of data centre portfolio with 16 facilities in the pipeline - ttc-single-post-news.php

Eaton bets $1.65bn on edge computing with Tripp Lite acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Eaton buys Chinese data centre power manufacturer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Echelon Data Centres moves ahead with $250m UK site - ttc-single-post-news.php

EdgeConneX breaks into Middle East with data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

EdgeConneX raises $1.7bn in sustainability-linked financings - ttc-single-post-news.php

EdgeConneX secures $150m for LATAM expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

EdgeConneX to enter new European market with 20MW hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

EdgeConneX, Adani partner for India’s largest data centre build out set to last a decade - ttc-single-post-news.php

Egypt, Greece ink submarine cable infrastructure deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Empowering data centres to take control of sustainability goals - ttc-single-post-special.php

English Channel submarine cable liking London-Paris financial centres turned ON - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ep. 1 – From idea to scaling fast with Dean Nelson – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 10 – ’More isn’t always better’ says scale-up entrepreneur Felix Van de Maele – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 11 – ’Hire somebody that you know can replace you,’ says investor and entrepreneur Byrne Murphy – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 12 – ’A lot of times people are trying to solve a problem that isn’t a problem,’ warns Rajiv Ramaswami – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 13 – ’It’s naive to think that you have something recession proof,’ says Afonso Salema – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 14 – ‘There’s a time when you need to give up doing some of the things you might be doing,’ says Dr Terri Simpkin – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 15 – ‘If we think just with what we know, we are not thinking much at all,’ says Mark Wilson – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 16 – ‘You never have perfect information, but do take action,’ says Richard Sem – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 2 – Going the extra mile with Michael Tobin – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 3 – Embracing digital change with Bill Barney – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 4 – Exploring every single opportunity to succeed with Peter Hannaford – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 5 – Making meaningful decisions with William Je – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 6 – Building foundations with Dave Pye – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 7 – Risk is how you get to the gold says Josh Snowhorn – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 8 – ‘Failure is not the end,’ says Josh Joshi – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Ep. 9 – ‘Just start and get moving for progress’ says David Liggitt – Great Business Minds - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

EQT backing EdgeConneX’s new electric vehicle charging business - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT closes infrastructure fund at $18.2bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT latest tech fund topples hard cap at $2.2bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT poaches UN, Grant Thornton execs for sustainability squad - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT scoops up Baring Private Equity Asia in $7.5bn merger deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT sells Spanish telco to Ardian Infrastructure for over $1bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT-backed EdgeConneX invests into Indonesia data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT-funded EdgeConneX launches in the Philippines with Aboitiz InfraCapital data centre JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT, Stonepeak share stake in Netherlands’ largest fibreco player - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT’s EdgeConneX invests in Chayora entering China’s data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

EQT’s new $18bn fund invests in EdgeConneX to support expansion and M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equiano subsea cable lands in Nigeria - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix adds HPE, Cisco chief officers to Board of Directors - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix appoints exec with $100bn in financing transactions experience to its Board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix brings online Brazil-Portugal subsea cable with EllaLink - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix buys West Africa’s MainOne in $320m deal expanding into the continent for the first time - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix commits to outdoing Amsterdam data centre investment in Lagos - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix could sell $1.5bn in stock as REIT chases new business growth - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix creates new corporate role to drive global data centre adoption - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix data centre to heat up Paris 2024 Olympic pool - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix drafting $420m into Brazil expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix expands in Colombia as LATAM CAPEX touches $2bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix green bonds issuing reach $4.9bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix investing $1.5bn to expand its data centre footprint in 16 countries - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix investing in 5G by opening up IBX digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix investments reach $1bn in Latin America - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix invests hundreds of millions in European digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix invests in French data centre footprint with new green facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix kicks off results season with $1.7bn sales - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix kickstarts hunt for 500 IT staff in India - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix launches digital gateway data centre to link APAC-Middle East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix launches digital inclusion foundation - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix launches new executive role headed by ex-Concourse Labs CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix moves operations into Indonesia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix names new President for the Americas - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix officially begins to operate in Africa as $320m acquisition closes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix opens $116m São Paulo hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix opens 14th Japan data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix ramps up capital expenditure in the Middle East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix reports $1.8bn in Q3 sales as yearly EBITDA edges on to record level - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix reports $1.8bn in sales, ups year outlook again - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix seals $161m India data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix sets $7.25bn revenue target for 2022 and announces 17 expansion projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix shares details on $3bn data centre expansion roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix spends $735m on 5 LATAM data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix strenghtens domestic Korean synergies - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix suspends Russia dealings until war in Ukraine is over - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix targets LATAM’s $8.5bn edge segment with data centre acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix to host 9,800-kilometre subsea cable system linking Australia and the Middle East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix to offer $10,000 to employees seeking reproductive or gender-affirming healthcare treatments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix to set up COEs headed by former VMware, Dell VP - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix tops $1.6bn in German data centre developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix ventures into South Africa with $160m data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix wins contract to boost FinTechs cloud-native infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix xScale investment tops $8bn with new GIC joint venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix, Evoque and Raxio’s latest market plays– July 06, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Equinix, GIC enter fresh $3.9bn data centre joint venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix, GIC raise investment in new data centre facilities to $7bn – June 14, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Equinix, HSBC, Goldman Sachs gain rights to renewable energy buyouts in Australia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix, Nokia invest in 5G and Edge Technology Development Center - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix, PGIM put $8bn JV to work with new Sydney campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s $144m Singapore data centre opens for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s $3.7bn green bonds to lead to business’ carbon neutrality by 2030 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s 74th consecutive quarter of revenue growth delivers $1.7bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s German data centre footprint hits $1.6bn CAPEX - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s new Poland boss sold her business to Amex for $600m in 2011 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s Silicon Valley expansion reaches $1.25bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Equinix’s UK capital spend hits $1.4bn as French EU commissioner labels Brexit an ‘economic catastrophe’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ergo aims for nearly $300m turnover after acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR backs Japan hyperscale investment through STACK Infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR breaks ground on $2bn data centre campus in Japan - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR Cayman’s data centre commitments on verge of $4bn GAV - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR follows 1.2GW data centre portfolio ambition with Tokyo acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR Group tops $1bn in first data centre fund closing - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR lands partnership for Hong Kong data centre roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR-LOGOS REIT public market rebrand is done, group sets eyes on billions of Dollars in new developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR, EXIM Bank launch $1bn ASEAN infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

ESR, Logos to raise $2.5bn to fund data centre expansion projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ethiopia’s first hyperscale data centre breaks ground - ttc-single-post-news.php

Etisalat Group, G42 reach agreement to form UAE’s largest data centre provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

ETIX Everywhere acquires facility to create Bangkok data centre cluster - ttc-single-post-news.php

ETIX Everywhere buys up French data centre real estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

Etix Everywhere expands in France through real estate M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU approves anti-greenwashing directive that impacts all businesses with over $155m in revenues - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU approves legislation to protect digital infrastructure against new threats - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU bets $200m in push for Made in Europe cloud platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU details $2.25bn digital transition plan including data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU pours $3.6bn into Western Balkans for ‘sustainable connectivity’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU reaches historic tech agreement that sets path to continent’s digital decade - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU regulators rally against charging big tech for digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU to greenlight $2.5bn Macquire Open Fiber deal – report - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU to pressure tech giants to bank digital infrastructure costs - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU, AU warn of urgency to invest in Africa’s digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

EU, UK clear $35bn data centre chip market mega merger - ttc-single-post-news.php

euNetworks expanding fibre network into Central Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

euNetworks grabs $860m debt refinancing for fibre infrastructure deployments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Eurofiber closes $1.5bn refinancing, moves on to acquisitions and expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe enters new era of data centre development as Tier 2, 3 markets prepare for record investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe in line to add 10 MILLION sqf of data centre space in just 2 years - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe increasingly looking at data centre excess heat to warm up homes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe told to ‘brace’ for subsea cable strikes after Nord Stream was blown up in a possible Russian attack - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe turns on the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s $4.2bn mega data centre to break ground soon, adds 1,500 hectares for solar power campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s cloud market generated $8.8bn in revenues between April-June - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s cloud spend to more than double to $239bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s data centres in space project takes off - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s data centres to add $5.6bn in revenues amid services boom - ttc-single-post-news.php

Europe’s largest hosting business to launch flagship data centre in 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

European cloud market is now worth $26bn, but players are losing market share - ttc-single-post-news.php

European colo closes first Nordic data centre M&A of 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Commission and EIB sign $28bn bill targeted at digital infrastructure, energy - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Commission receives data centre climate lobbyists in major industry push - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Investment Bank invests $325m for satellites lift off - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Investment Bank loans $167m to Telecom Egypt - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Investment Bank to fund $374m Portugal-Egypt subsea cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

European Investment Bank to supply $143m for Greece’s digital infrastructure upgrades - ttc-single-post-news.php

European telcos call on streaming giants to help foot digital infrastructure bill - ttc-single-post-news.php

Everstream invests $600m in fibre builds, increases portfolio in 80% over the last 12 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Evoque buys cloud consultancy in application-first infrastructure drive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Evoque grows boardroom with former Samsung head - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ex-Citi banker launches $1.5bn crypto venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ex-Global Switch, Digital Realty chief to head new US digital infrastructure advisory unit - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ex-Partners Group head joins DigitalBridge in boost to APAC strategy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ex-Schneider Electric VP takes on public sector role in world’s largest data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

EXA Infrastructure announces major European digital infrastructure roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

EXA Infrastructure invests in Portugal’s fibre routes - ttc-single-post-news.php

EXA Infrastructure lands Telstra’s $6bn enterprise division head as new CCO - ttc-single-post-news.php

EXA Infrastructure upping digital infrastructure game with $360m trancher - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: ‘A year of action.’ – Yondr signs deals to expand in Brazil, Africa, Western Europe and South Asia - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Exclusive: Brookfield enters $11bn race to buy Global Switch - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Details of Massachusetts’ next $3bn mega data centre as project edges closer to state approval - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Goldacre exec leaves to become CFO of UK’s largest HPC data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: HostDime mulling 9-figure capital raise to fuel edge data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Knight Frank trading $2bn of London data centre estate, eyes 600MW development in Middle East and Africa - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Layer 9 mulls $1.6bn in financing as hyperscaler ups data centre ante in Latin America - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Marc Ganzi, CEO of DigitalBridge speaks to The Tech Capital at PTC’23 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Exclusive: Saudi’s QST to invest $3.6bn in hypersale data centre developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Executive panel discusses the Southern Globe’s data centre market future at the International Finance Forum 2022 - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Exertis makes UK edge services move with Pulsant - ttc-single-post-news.php

Expedient opens data centre in ‘under-serviced’ Arizona - ttc-single-post-news.php

Facebook adds 120MW of green energy for Utah data centre, joins European Climate Pact - ttc-single-post-news.php

Facebook buys 160MW of renewable power for Henrico Data Center - ttc-single-post-news.php

Facebook mulls second Denmark data centre campus with 300 football pitches-sized land plot acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Fateh Family Office plans for France’s largest data centre with potential $2.3bn investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Fiber Broadband Association announces all 11 new Board of Directors members - ttc-single-post-news.php

Fibre titan Lumen deploys new global CFO and reshuffles APAC exec board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Fight against carbon emissions hindered by costly data - ttc-single-post-news.php

Finance director of Redcentric jailed, as CFO awaits sentence - ttc-single-post-news.php

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First in, first out: Setting the path for European data centre development - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Fitch gives Chindata Group Holdings its first credit rating - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flex buys data centre power player from Bertram Capital to enter $10bn market - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flex completes $540m acquisition of power giant from Bertram Capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flexential closes $2.1bn securitisation financing to support portfolio growth - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flexential puts $2.1bn to work as 2022 roadmap is unveiled - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flexential secures $150m in ABS to finance expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Flexential takes on Digital Realty’s executive to grow Hybrid IT portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Floating data centres come ashore in Marseille and Los Angeles - ttc-single-post-news.php

FLOW Digital Infrastructure, AyalaLand break ground in the Philippines - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ford, HP, Honeywell – Lumentum Holdings calls in marketing veteran to grow digital infrastructure business - ttc-single-post-news.php

ForgeRock adds APAC data centres growing cloud portfolio to 17 regions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Former CyrusOne president enlisted to Carlyle’s data centre business board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Former CyrusOne, IXEurope CEOs join Brazil’s Elea Digital board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Former Google digital infrastructure head joins FiberSense’s board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Fortune India 500 company to build 200MW of data centre power - ttc-single-post-news.php

FPT Software enters Nordic region for the first time - ttc-single-post-news.php

FPT vows to place Vietnam at the centre of IT world as new mega HQ opens for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s Altice mulls $1bn data centre portfolio sell out - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s Data4 breaks ground on $280m Warsaw data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s iliad Group lands $5bn in financing from 23 international banks - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s OVHcloud Paris debut ends with 6.5% gain and $4.3bn market cap - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s telecoms operators getting ready for winter infrastructure blackouts - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s Tofane Global buys into IoT space with PaaS acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s Tofane tracks down $38bn A2P market with 7th M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

France’s top data centre bosses call on presidential candidates to adopt clear digital infrastructure stand ahead of polls race - ttc-single-post-news.php

Frankfurt DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Frederick County with Quantum Loophole wins Location Award at The Tech Capital Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-special.php

French cloud giant bulks out APAC data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

French Development Agency to finance DR Congo’s digital infrastructure development - ttc-single-post-news.php

Future Networks Built on 5G and Edge Cloud -

G7 agree on $600bn infrastructure bill to rival China’s BRI - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Gallery – The first The Tech Capital International Finance Forum and Awards - ttc-single-post-special.php

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Gartner says 1 in 4 of us will spend 1h a day in the metaverse by 2026 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gautam Adani incorporates Mumbai data centre unit - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital cements APAC data centre play with new acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital names Macquarie’s India expert to capture national attractive investment opportunities - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital Partners breaks ground on $300m Batam data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital Partners launches Data Center First under JV with former Equinix APAC mastermind - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital Partners’ DCF initiates construction of $300m Batam facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gaw Capital, IMM Investment forge data centre investment into South Korea - ttc-single-post-news.php

GCI, Intelsat enter $150m satellite deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

GDS Holdings, Azrieli Group and Rack Centre – July 19, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

GDS moves into Malaysia with hyperscale data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

GDS reports $1.2bn data centre revenues as portfolio reaches 6m sqft - ttc-single-post-news.php

GDS sells $580m in convertible senior notes to finance data centre acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

GDS, GLP $10bn merger hits wall as data centre stock slumps - ttc-single-post-news.php

Generate Capital invests $200m into Ting Fiber - ttc-single-post-news.php

Genesis Digital Assets raises $431m in largest known funding round by a bitcoin miner - ttc-single-post-news.php

Genesis plans mining centre in South Carolina - ttc-single-post-news.php

Genesis to open 300MW Bitcoin data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

German digital infrastructure players join in national fibre investment push - ttc-single-post-news.php

Germany’s DEG invests $41m into Africa digital infrastructure funds - ttc-single-post-news.php

Germany’s Northern Data commits $270m into US data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Getting digital infrastructure ready for the age of data exploration - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

GI Partners bulks up on life sciences in private equity drive for specialised real estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

GI Partners buys $220m worth of property that houses data centres, fibre, and satellite installations - ttc-single-post-news.php

GI Partners buys nearly half a million sqft of life science data centre properties - ttc-single-post-news.php

GI Partners buys Sterling data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

GI Partners closes latest trancher at $1.45bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

GI Partners ETS Fund grabs 400,000sqf worth of life sciences properties - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Gigascale builder Quantum Loophole breaks ground on mega fibre ring - ttc-single-post-news.php

GIP buys 7GW of offshore wind with a further 30GW in the pipeline - ttc-single-post-news.php

GIP eyeing $25bn for fresh infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

GIP, KKR buy major share slice in Vantage Towers - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global cloud revenues hit $235bn in just six months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global cloud revenues reached half a trillion Dollars in 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global Cloud Xchange reports yearly results following $512m 3i acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global Cloud Xchange sold for $512m to Jersey-based investment firm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global colocation data centre revenues touch US$47bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global comms group VEON divests Russian portfolio in $2.1bn sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global data centre CAPEX projected at $240bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global data centre infrastructure investments double in 12 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global data centre M&A attracts $24bn in H1 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global data centre revenues to hit record $207bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global hyperscale self-build capacity on way to 27GW - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global IaaS player buys Canada’s iWeb - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global IT spending to hit $4.5tr in 2022 as enterprises shift to self-build mode - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global SaaS growth forces Hyland to expand cloud platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global semiconductor market hit by historical slowdown, drops to $147bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Global Switch $10bn sale down to 3 final bidders - ttc-single-post-news.php

GlobalFoundries working with Morgan Stanley for $30bn IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

GlobeNet extends Colombia edge data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

GLP bets on data centre expansion with former Microsoft, Digital Realty hire - ttc-single-post-news.php

GLP files for US IPO, targets $2bn, but war in Ukraine could derail plans - ttc-single-post-news.php

GLP raising $500m for China data centres expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Goldman Sachs buys shares in US fibre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Goldman Sachs completes investment in Piemonte Holding’s data centre platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Goldman Sachs hired for $20bn Deutsche Telekom towers sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Goldman Sachs invests in Latin America data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Goldman Sachs-backed Elea Digital names ex-Equinix heavyweights to board - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google announces SA cloud region as part of $1bn Africa investment drive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google buys land for potential new European hyperscale campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google Cloud chief Thomas Kurian announces French sovereign hyperscale cloud - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google commits further $1bn to Central Ohio data centre cluster - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google confirms first cloud region in Southern Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google data centre acquisition mastermind to lead Stream Data Centers expansion across the Americas - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google data centre building permission, Macquarie Capital $5bn investment, One Equity Partners acquisition– June 24, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

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Google expands cloud footprint across Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google expands cloud footprint in Midwestern United States - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google eyes 315-acre hyperscale data center in Kansas - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google eyes 5.3m sqft data centre campus expansion in Denmark - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google gets permission to build 109-hectares data centre campus in Sweden - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google grabs 1GW of clean energy for Texas data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google launches 2nd APAC cloud region in less than 10 days - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google launches new India cloud region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google lines up 3.2m sq ft Berlin data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google puts $600m into Belgium data centre operations - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google sets $1bn aside for India’s Bharti Airtel - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google snaps up 300 acres for potential Utah data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to launch two subsea cables linking Middle East, Europe and Asia by 2024 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to link up Canada, Asia in subsea first - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to offer sovereign cloud services in Spain - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to open cloud region in Kuwait - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to open data centre in Navi Mumbai data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google to reach $46.5bn in US data centre, office investments by end of 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google unveils date for Spanish cloud region opening - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google ups APAC cloud infrastructure spend in fight back against AWS, Microsoft regional monopoly - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google, CyrusOne, Lendlease executives join EdgeConneX’s executive team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google, Facebook, Amazon, billions of Dollars and 5 super Monday subsea cable stories - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google, Keppel heads join hyperscale developer on a $1bn+ data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google, SEforALL call on businesses and governments to enact carbon-free policies - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google’s data centre investments in Belgium hit $3bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google’s energy and location lead to head Stream Data Centers development team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google’s Equiano subsea cable lands at first Africa port - ttc-single-post-news.php

Google’s newest cloud regions to generate $340bn GDP boost - ttc-single-post-news.php

Grace Hopper subsea cable lands in the UK – in pictures -

GRC, Intel unite against dirty data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Greece data centre CAPEX wins fresh investment round from Digital Realty - ttc-single-post-news.php

Greece to fast-track Microsoft’s data centre plans worth ‘several hundred million Dollars’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Greek PM: Digital Realty’s latest investment ‘vote of confidence’ in nation’s economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Green data centres to be worth $140bn by 2026 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Green Mountain expands data centre capacity at 800,000 sqf campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

GTA to open Guam data centre in 2024 - ttc-single-post-news.php

GTY Technology Holdings acquired by GI Partners affiliates - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gulf Bridge International ups lease at Equinix’s Oman data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Gulf of Mexico gets its first ever cable system as digital infrastructure investment soars - ttc-single-post-news.php

H.I.G. Capital sells IT giant to American Securities - ttc-single-post-news.php

H5 Data Centers buys PNC Bank facility in Ohio - ttc-single-post-news.php

H5 Data Centers drives acquisition strategy to New Mexico - ttc-single-post-news.php

H5 Data Centers nearly doubles portfolio with US M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

H5 Data Centers to expand Atlanta site amid TMT booster demand - ttc-single-post-news.php

Harnessing demands and collaborating at the edge - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Harrison Street backs data centre acquisition as the group tops $2.6bn in digital assets investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Harrison Street, 1547 acquired four data centres comprising 560k sqft - ttc-single-post-news.php

Harrison Street, Lincoln Property begin construction of Ohio’s latest hyperscale data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Harrison Street, Lincoln Property purchase large swathe of land for hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hastings Equity Partners invests in digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

HCL hiring another 10,000 specialists to staff new AWS unit - ttc-single-post-news.php

Heather Paduck - ttc-single-post-news.php

Heavy machinery begins building Khazna’s 43MW data centre sites in Dubai - ttc-single-post-news.php

Held in Trust: A thank you from The Tech Capital on our 1st anniversary - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Helios Investment Partners buys data centre shares in Africa - ttc-single-post-news.php

HGC continues top-level leadership shakeup - ttc-single-post-news.php

HGC names new chief to drive digital and infrastructure expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

HGC targets eyeballs in $100bn OTT market push - ttc-single-post-news.php

High net worth individuals’ investment in PE to top $1.2tr by 2025 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hilary (Cox) Maxson - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hilco Real Estate moves ahead with bankruptcy sale of Texas data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hines ‘immediate investment capacity’ hits $1.2bn with data centres seen as attractive asset - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hong Kong DCI Report 2021: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Hong Kong investor tops out Shanghai data centre with hyperscale site on track for 2023 opening - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hong Kong’s CITIC Telecom new CEO charged with fostering company culture at home and abroad - ttc-single-post-news.php

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HSBC, CIMB Bank, Maybank are financing green data centres in Southeast Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

HSF names global TMT leaders as it dives further into digital infrastructure legal advisory - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei Cloud investing to expand across 11 Latin America nations - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei joins pledge to bring digital infrastructure to 120m people by 2025 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei lines up for Africa data center expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei planning Middle East cloud region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei takes aim at cloud market with giant 5.2 million sqft data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei, Aesler Grup break ground in Indonesia amid data centre construction rush - ttc-single-post-news.php

Huawei’s Saudi data centre investment to go ahead - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hurricane Electric expands data centre footprint in Arizona - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hurricane Electric expands in Germany - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hydroelectric powered data centre opens in Oslo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperco names once Equinix’s secret Nordic weapon to board role - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperconverged Analytics Needs a Village - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

HyperOne kickstarts construction of $1.5bn fibre system - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperscale cloud providers grab nearly 9 in 10MW of Europe’s top colocation markets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperscale data centre group EdgeConneX names new CRO - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Hyperscaler Switch’s EBITDA hit by power costs surge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperscalers to lead $377bn CAPEX into data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Hyperscalers, investors, operators sign up for global digital infrastructure Climate Accord - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital bulks up on executives to manage expanding $34bn portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital digital infrastructure group enlists pharma CFO to oversee financial expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital launches $2.15bn digital infrastructure business - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital seals acquisition of Mexico’s largest data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital tops $15.5bn in investable capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital tops $3bn in digital infrastructure commitments by acquiring Mexico’s largest data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s BDx moves HQ out of Hong Kong - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s BDx opens Nanjing data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s BDx takes front seat in $250m Indonesian data centres acquisition contest - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s digital infrastructure logos join up in Europe, Asia and North America service boost - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s EXA Infrastructure invests in talent strategy and culture development - ttc-single-post-news.php

I Squared Capital’s EXA Infrastructure to invest in IONIAN Cable System - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ian Sigit Kurniawan - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iberia tops 1.2GW in data centre projects pipeline - ttc-single-post-news.php

IBM $19bn spinoff Kyndryl starts independent digital infrastructure journey, but it has years of hard work ahead - ttc-single-post-news.php

IBM exec joins American Tower board of directors - ttc-single-post-news.php

IBM, ACEIS Capital and KKR – July 20, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

IBM’s NewCo CEO is one of Big Blue’s $37bn assets manager - ttc-single-post-news.php

ICG’s edge player buys UK facility in major portfolio drive - ttc-single-post-news.php

iCON Infrastructure commits capital into Dobson Fiber’s $700m expansion package - ttc-single-post-news.php

iCON V $1.85bn fund buys German fibre businesses - ttc-single-post-news.php

If IT-sector energy demands increase 50% by 2030, how do we build a sustainable, digital future? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

IFC invests $70m into the Philippines tower economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

IFC invests into Africa’s West Indian Ocean Cable Company Holding - ttc-single-post-news.php

IFC names new West Africa boss - ttc-single-post-news.php

IFC, TIP partner for mobile investments push in underserved markets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Igneo Infrastructure Partners in all-stock purchase of US digital infrastructure player - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS buys MTN South Africa towers for $410m - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS Holding closes $400m SA tower buyout - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS Holding grows Brazil tower monopoly with $315m acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS Holding inks $600m three-year bullet-term loan - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS Holding reinforces executive management committee - ttc-single-post-news.php

IHS Towers prepares for SA expansion with ex-Goldman Sachs M&A head - ttc-single-post-news.php

iMasons add Flexential as Foundation Partner - ttc-single-post-news.php

IMCO to invest up to $450m in DataBank - ttc-single-post-news.php

In the cockpit of digital evolution - ttc-single-post-special.php

INAP to sell most data centre assets to Evocative - ttc-single-post-news.php

India data centre expansions, China openings and fibre build-outs – July 05, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

India en route to 1GW data centre footprint as investment boom gains pace - ttc-single-post-news.php

India Gov’t makes it easier for data centres to access cheap and long-term credit - ttc-single-post-news.php

India on verge of $11bn data centre investment wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

India to double data centre capacity by 2025 as multi-billion investment drive accelerates - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s Bharti Airtel firms up $673m data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s CtrlS grabs Equinix data centre SVP for president role - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s data centre boom starts now and requires $5bn in investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s data centre economy to top $8bn in investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s Maharashtra gov’t inks MoUs worth $2bn to develop critical industries including data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s PM Narendra Modi set to open Yotta’s Uttar Pradesh $1.2bn data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s public cloud spending to leap 30% to $7.3bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s RackBank switches green power ON as it builds $1.2bn data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s Uttar Pradesh clears $2.4bn in data centre projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

India’s Web Werks invests further into Bengaluru data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia attracts fresh data centre capital injection - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia chases $130bn cloud economy with new data centre projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia data centre market to generate $3.5bn a year within 60 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia further attracts data centre investment as country eyes $3bn in infrastructure spend to 2026 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia signs 1GW data centre project with potential $10bn in CAPEX - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia, South Korea to build $100m Batam data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia’s cloud economy grows with new Huawei region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia’s Mitratel targets $1.68bn towers IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Group sets ground works budget ahead of 1GW data centre roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonesia’s Telkom mulling $1bn data centre stake sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indonet expands edge data centre footprint into Jakarta - ttc-single-post-news.php

Indosat’s shareholders handed $470.5 in dividends - ttc-single-post-news.php

Infra investor Invesis enters UK data centre market with double acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraCo Africa invests $43m in new climate-focused Africa infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraCredit backs Pan African Towers’s N10bn infrastructure bonds issuance - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraRed Capital Partners bets $170m on UK fibre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraRed Capital Partners launches first respondents tower business unit - ttc-single-post-news.php

Infrastructure investors seal major US fibre deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Infratil invests up to $180m into UK data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Infratil-backed Kao Data bulks up outside London as CEO confirms business looking to expand ‘further afield in Europe’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Infratil’s CDC currently deploying $730m to build Oceania data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraVia Capital collects $11bn in funding from 150 investors - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraVia Capital Partners forms JV to back Ireland’s fibre economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

InfraVia Capital Partners injects $400m into Poland’s fibre monopoly - ttc-single-post-news.php

Institutional investor scoops 4 data centre assets from Five 9s Digital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Institutional investor to buy 8 million shares in Mawson Infrastructure Group - ttc-single-post-news.php

Institutional investors back acquisition of UKCloud - ttc-single-post-news.php

Institutional investors JV seeking AUM up to $1bn including data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Institutional investors up holdings in Digital Realty - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intel breaks ground on $20bn Arizona chip plants - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intel buys Tower Semiconductor for $5.4bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intelsat’s debt halved as access to $7.9bn cleared ahead of new year - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intercontinental Peace subsea system comes online days before 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intermediate Capital Group buys London facilities for $178m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Intermediate Capital Group closes first infrastructure fund at $1.65bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

International enterprise demand drives UK operator’s edge colocation recruitment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Internet Society Foundation launches $1.5 million fund to stimulate Internet resiliency - ttc-single-post-news.php

Interxion planning $1.1bn Paris data centre campus investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Investment bank leading Entel’s data centre business sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Investment houses Votorantim, Temasek to deploy $700m in Brazil - ttc-single-post-news.php

Investment titans form $5.5bn fibre JV in boost to UK’s digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Involta President talks being acquired by The Carlyle Group and says it’s ‘time to sprint’ on expansion - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Iomart bids Concepta Capital takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI buys Switzerland’s Safe Host which will join STACK Infrastructure’s data centre real estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners acquires DigiPlex in major Nordic data centre monopoly move - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners buys Denver hyperscale data centre facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners launch APAC data centre label, Japan first on opening schedule - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners launches new data centre logo, plans acquisition spree - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners merges SUPERNAP and DigiPlex into STACK Infrastructure, eyes 1.4GW of expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

IPI Partners targets $4bn for third data centre fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ireland’s data centre sector unites to save the nation’s flora and fauna – in pictures -

Iris Energy sourcing $200m funding ahead of NASDAQ listing - ttc-single-post-news.php

Irish $460m data centre wins approval under new gov’t policy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Irish data centre market in revival mode as investments and community grow - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain buys ITRenew in $925m deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain gets new digital EVP - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain grows global footprint with EU, US data centre acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain increases FY22 data centre expansion target by 160% - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain names new investor relations SVP - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain opens 27MW London data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain restates credit facility at $2.25bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain seals $725m ITRenew acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain sells portfolio of five facilities to ICG – June 29, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Iron Mountain upsizes and prices debt offering to pay for $725m ITRenew takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain, Web Werks cut ribbon on joint Mumbai data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Iron Mountain’s $1.25bn data centre business revenues grow 15.3% - ttc-single-post-news.php

Is cryptocurrency the new ‘digital gold’? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Is CyrusOne selling the business at $12bn enterprise value? - ttc-single-post-news.php

Is it time personal data privacy was properly regulated? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Is there a risk of oversupply in the data centre world? - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Isobel Gunn-Brown - ttc-single-post-news.php

Israel’s Azrieli buys 100% stake in data centres firm Green Mountain - ttc-single-post-news.php

Italian Data Center Association launches bidding for direct investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Italy’s Aruba raises $525m funding capital to fuel extra data centre horsepower - ttc-single-post-news.php

IXcellerate marks new phase of expansion with board shake-up - ttc-single-post-news.php

Jacky Wu - ttc-single-post-news.php

Jakarta (Indonesia) DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

James Dawes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Japan (Tokyo & Osaka) DCI Report 2021: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Japan scientists break internet speed record that lets you download 80,000 movies in 1 second - ttc-single-post-news.php

Japan’s Nomura reshuffles digital infrastructure deals team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Jeff Berson - ttc-single-post-news.php

JLL Capital Markets exec exits to join StratCap’s data centre acquisition spree - ttc-single-post-news.php

Joe Harar - ttc-single-post-news.php

Johor & Batam (Singapore Plus) DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

José Manuel Aisa - ttc-single-post-news.php

JP Morgan grows sustainable-linked thematic to foster ‘economic empowerment of people’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

JP Morgan, Bank of America-backed data centre startup enters Brazil with Spain, Poland, and Australia next - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kate Hennessy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Katherine Motlagh - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kathy Bonanno - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keensight Capital’s operator breaks ground on world’s first data centre powered by recycled agricultural bio-waste - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keith D. Taylor - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel acquires all shares in Causeway DC-owned data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel Capital to invest $600m of SMA in global infrastructure projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel data centre fund adds another $292m for China expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT AUM reaches $3.7bn as it lines up extra acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT buys data centre facility in Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT eyeing $2bn data centre assets for acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT plans S$580m cash injection into network business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT sells Australian data centre to iseek - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT set to cash out from China’s thriving data centre economy with $200m acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT’s data centre portfolio tops $3.1bn in value - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel DC REIT’s FY21 distributed income rides on European M&A wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

Keppel REIT’s new chief executive pending regulatory approval - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kester Capital invests in UK-based digital infrastructure intelligence house - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kevin Dillard - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kevin Ooley - ttc-single-post-news.php

Khazna Data Centers breaks ground on Abu Dhabi hyperscale farm - ttc-single-post-news.php

KickStart Europe and The Tech Capital announce media partnership to promote digital infrastructure developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR and GIP buy CyrusOne for $15bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR buys $1bn stake in one of Spain’s major dark fibre players - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR exits Spanish subsea operator as Telefónica takes back control - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR planning $37bn takeover of Telecom Italia - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR secures $17bn as it closes global fund, sets eyes on digital infrastructure investments in OECD countries - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR to support $2.5bn of data centre asset developments and investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR-backed MetroNet merges with Texas fibre giant - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR-led consortium bets $3.4bn for 30% stake in new European fibre logo - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR-led consortium in $3.6bn deal over Norwegian fibre assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR-led consortium to acquire Spark Infrastructure for $3.7bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR, DigitalBridge mulling $11bn acquisition of Global Switch - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR, GIP close $15bn CyrusOne all-stock acquisition, the largest data centre M&A deal to date - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR, Telefónica to buy $358m of fibre optic assets in Chile - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR’s $1bn Global Technical Realty launches Israeli underground data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

KKR’s CyrusOne expands in Germany with 90MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Knight Frank grows APAC data centre advisory team amid investment boom - ttc-single-post-news.php

Knight Frank grows data centre advisory team amid trading boom - ttc-single-post-news.php

Korean and Middle Eastern investors line up to finance resort data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kotak Investment Advisors floating $750m for fund targeting India’s digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

KT Corporation, Savills ink deal to roll out 9,000Km submarine cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kyndryl, Google ink cloud deal to link data from the HQ to the network edge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kyndryl, NetApp drive data infrastructure strategy for global car manufacturer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Kyndryl, Pure Storage ink digital infrastructure global alliance - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lambda raises $24.5m to bring data centre scale power to common laptops - ttc-single-post-news.php

Land, design, edge: AWS accelerates data centre expansions on three continents - ttc-single-post-news.php

Landmark closes on latest M&A pushing data centre investments to $400m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Landmark Dividend’s digital infrastructure assets reach $1bn in market value - ttc-single-post-news.php

Landmark Infrastructure Partners receives $1.1bn takeover bid throwing DigitalBridge’s acquisition into doubt - ttc-single-post-news.php

Landmark merger under investigation, shareholders called in to learn legal rights - ttc-single-post-news.php

LATAM’s Scala Data Centers hires new CFO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Launch of a new narrative – The Tech Capital’s first broadcast -

Layer 9 Data Centers lands Series A for $775m Mexico mega-project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lazard poaches Cowen and Company exec as it grows digital infrastructure practice - ttc-single-post-news.php

Leading Edge Data Centres grows C-suite as 23 sites are due to come online - ttc-single-post-news.php

Leeds Equity Partners’ biz buys Texas-based datacenterHawk - ttc-single-post-news.php

Legacy Investing divests $80m Georgia data centre to Strategic Capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Legacy Investing, Invesco Real Estate in new sale-leaseback with Flexential - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lendlease Data Centre Partners to invest $600m in first Tokyo site - ttc-single-post-news.php

Li Yinghui - ttc-single-post-news.php

Li Yuzhuo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Global grows boardroom with ESG in focus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Global planning $690m Belgian tower sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Global, DigitalBridge launch European edge data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Global, InfraVia name CEO for German fibre scaleup - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Latin America poaches Verizon chief to lead T&I arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Liberty Latin America-backed digital infrastructure owner completes América Móvil Panama acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

LightEdge buys San Diego infrastructure business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Live from London, it’s The Tech Capital International Finance Forum and Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-special.php

Livin’ on the edge: why telco operators need to implement disaggregation at the edge - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Lloyds Bank in on Pantheon Infrastructure’s latest multi-million Dollar loan - ttc-single-post-news.php

Location, Infrastructure and GreenTech - ttc-single-post-special.php

Logicalis US’ new CFO says she’s ready to be an Architect of Change - ttc-single-post-news.php

London ‘blank check’ infra fund files for $200m Nasdaq IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

London DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

London first European market to receive half-billion Dollar data centre project in 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

London Internet Exchange invest in new Africa peering hub - ttc-single-post-news.php

London Internet Exchange to deploy first Africa-based data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

London Stock Exchange fibres up colocation data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

London to host first International Finance Forum and Awards for the digital infrastructure community - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lumen sheds $1.8bn EMEA digital infrastructure business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lumen taps into Google Dunant subsea cable for international bandwidth - ttc-single-post-news.php

Lumen Technologies targets $5.4bn in outstanding notes acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

M&A Update - ttc-single-post-report.php

M&A, growth, opportunity: What’s next for Vantage Data Centers explained by president Boniface - ttc-single-post-special.php

M&As and the infrastructure consolidation conundrum - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

M1, Keppel DC Reit close on $430m network asset deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Machines break ground on NTT’s 78-acre Ashburn data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie buys position in ST Telemedia’s VIRTUS Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie Capital to put $5bn in equity investment towards US wholesale data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie Capital’s Prime Data Centers invests in Silicon Valley portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie Capital’s Onivia buys more market share with new fibre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie closes 40% stake buy in STT’s VIRTUS Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie Group in talks to invest $13.5bn in UK energy and digital infrastructure projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie makes hefty debt commitment into Ireland’s $705m fibre roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie opens new data centre as part of $200m expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie raises $6.9bn in Americas-focused infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie snaps up 40% fibre stake for $2.5bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie to invest in NTT’s jumbo-size expansion pipeline - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed Aligned buys stake in ODATA ending months of M&A speculation - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed operator vies $1.8bn acquisition of Odata - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed Prime Data Centers assigns $300m for first European real estate deployment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed Prime Data Centers expands global construction leadership team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed Prime to build 124MW data centre in Europe’s Nordics - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie-backed TierPoint lands $14.5bn tech giant as anchor tenant for new St Louis hub - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie, PSP enter race to buy Australia’s Uniti Group for $2.7bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Macquarie’s Bluebird snaps up midwestern US digital infrastructure assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Madrid & Barcelona DCI Report 2021: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Maggie Wu - ttc-single-post-news.php

Maincubes to finance ‘hundreds of millions of euros’ into German data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

MainOne MDXi data centre in Ghana opens for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

MainOne to open new data centre within days - ttc-single-post-news.php

Malaysia’s Time Dotcom mulls $600m data centre sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

MAM buys $610m stake in Southeast Asian digital infrastructure platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Managing and protecting a cloud-native future - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Manjit Dhillon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mantra Data Centers to invest $1bn to develop data centers in India - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mapletree closes on $208m US data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mapletree Investments’ net profit hits $1.85bn ‘significantly’ underpinned by data centre performance - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mark Zuckerberg rebrands Facebook to ‘Meta’ to target $1.5tr metaverse world - ttc-single-post-news.php

Market Share Report: Hyperscale Cloud Q3 2021 Update - ttc-single-post-report.php

Martin Klima - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mawson Infrastructure Group flexes boardroom guns with new recruits - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mawson Infrastructure Group signs 100MW power deal for crypto project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mawson Infrastructure sells asset to bitcoin miner as data centre expansion plans readjust - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mawson inks debt facility with Celsius Mining LLC - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meet The Tech Capital interview opener and soundtrack - ttc-single-post-news.php

Megaport snaps IBM, Nutanix exec for its executive team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Melody Investment Advisors closes $1.95bn comms infra fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Menlo Equities seals $1bn acquisition fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mercuria, Generate Capital lead $385m investment into crypto miner Compute North - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta closer to building 166-hectare data centre in the Netherlands - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta gains nearly 300MW of solar power to fuel Georgia data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta picks Missouri for $800m data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta plans for $2bn Denmark data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta pushes Facebook Iowa data centre investment to $2.5bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta raises Facebook Los Lunas data centre investment to $2.2bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta says its subsea cable investments will contribute over half a trillion dollars to APAC and European economies - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta suspends plans for 1.38GWh Dutch data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta to build 1.38GWh data center in the Netherlands, the country’s largest to date - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta to build multi-million Dollar data centre expansion at Illinois campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta to deploy $800m Facebook data centre in Idaho - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta to spend north of $1bn on first Iberia data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta tops $1.6bn in US data centre announcements in 5 days - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta’s 1.38GWh Dutch data centre put on hold by senators - ttc-single-post-news.php

Meta’s Utah digital infrastructure CAPEX reaches $1.5bn with new data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Metaverse at the Edge - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Metaverse is a $13tr opportunity, will top 5bn users by 2030, but requires big digital infrastructure CAPEX, says Citi - ttc-single-post-news.php

Metaverse: A direction of travel rather than a destination? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Mexico bulks up on Big Tech cloud money with Oracle - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft brings online first of three Arizona data centres – June 16, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Microsoft bulks up Qatari cloud region with new data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft buys data centre startup Fungible - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella moves to chairman of the board role - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft cloud outage affects millions across the globe - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft files for $1.3bn Sydney data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft makes equity investment in Rubrik - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft names new Philippines CEO ahead of strong cloud push - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft opens 900-acre Sweden data centre parks - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft says it’s ready to launch $1.1bn Mexico investment, but fails to set data centre launch date - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft to contribute $19bn to Finland’s economy as plans for multi-billion Dollar data centre are greenlighted - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft to invest over $1.4bn into Belgium cloud campus that carries $35bn GDP booster - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft to launch EU Data Boundary on January 1, 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Microsoft’s $1bn Greece data centre green-lighted for construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

Middle Eastern data centre operator to build two facilities in Dubai - ttc-single-post-news.php

Middle Eastern, Asian investors partner up for cross-continental data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Milan gains new data centre as Italy prepares for $2.6bn investment wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

Millennials taking up senior positions are changing the face of corporate banking - ttc-single-post-news.php

Millicom plans to invest $3bn, carves out tower business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mining infrastructure investor breaks ground in Paraguay - ttc-single-post-news.php

Misconceptions and challenges in cloud security - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Mission Critical: Next Gen Leadership Talent - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Mitigate, adapt, decarbonise: How to prepare data centres for a heatwave and stay safe in extreme heat - ttc-single-post-special.php

Mitsubishi Electric scales up leadership team in pursuit of data centre infrastructure play - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mitsui cements $2.7bn data centre investment to expand across Japan - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mobile Edge Computing to top $2.8bn in market value - ttc-single-post-news.php

Modine Manufacturing hires new GM to boost data centre business arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Momenta launches $100m venture capital fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

More than half of Microsoft’s $50bn Q3 revenues came from cloud services - ttc-single-post-news.php

Morgan Stanley funds pour cash into edge platform Scale Computing - ttc-single-post-news.php

Morrison & Co buys high stake in Spain’s fibre business Lyntia Networks - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mozambique data centre market grows with site’s breaking ground in Maputo - ttc-single-post-news.php

MTN lines up $1bn for Ghana digital infrastructure rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

MTN Nigeria plans $1.5bn internet investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

MTS Acquires One of Russia’s Largest Data Centers - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mubadala buys slice of EQT-backed European fibre player - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mubadala increases UK fibre investment to $1bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Mubadala sells all shares in data centre operator Cologix - ttc-single-post-news.php

Multi-billion Dollar data centre recycling company names former Merrill Lynch head non-exec - ttc-single-post-news.php

Munters opens largest data centre cooling plant in the Americas - ttc-single-post-news.php

Munters solidifies data centre play with Irish manufacturer acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nabiax plans for $380m ESG data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nasdaq signs up Equinix for cloud shift as speed-hungry trade markets gain momentum - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nasdaq-listed crypto miner acquires Kyrgyzstan data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Natelli Communities makes ‘significant investment’ in Quantum Loophole - ttc-single-post-news.php

Natixis CIB to finance Saudi Arabia’s QST $3bn project first phase - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nautilus Data Technologies to build $300m data centre in Maine - ttc-single-post-news.php

Navitas Semiconductor lists on the NASDAQ via a SPAC with $1.7bn valuation - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nearly 50% of world’s businesses entering new markets via the cloud - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nelson Lim - ttc-single-post-news.php

NEOM to open $500m data centre park soon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Net Zero goals must include a just transition - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Netrality Data Centers acquires Kansas facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Netrality Data Centers buys 9-acre campus in Midwest USA - ttc-single-post-news.php

Netrality Data Centers targets booming enterprise demand - ttc-single-post-news.php

New $1.15bn Pan-Arctic submarine fibre cable to go live in 2025 - ttc-single-post-news.php

New $3bn fibre business to fight rural digital exclusion - ttc-single-post-news.php

New 18,000Km subsea cable to connect Southeast Asia to the United States - ttc-single-post-news.php

New billion Dollar operator gears up for construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

New bitcoin miner launches with $200m in institutional capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

New BW Digital CEO appointed to drive digital infrastructure investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

New data centre investor Digital 9 Infrastructure to IPO at $550m - ttc-single-post-news.php

New digital infra entity Cassava Technologies launches with $200m Kenyan investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

New digital media platform The Tech Capital launched to track global investment and players in data centre and digital infrastructure -

New Mediterranean subsea system moves ahead as OTT bandwidth usage soars 30% - ttc-single-post-news.php

New Nordic data centre real estate player eyes $1bn investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

New Nordic fibre route launches ahead of fresh data centre investment wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

New transatlantic subsea cable moves into supplier tender stage - ttc-single-post-news.php

New Zealand-backed data centre operator to build data centre outside of London - ttc-single-post-news.php

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern on AWS’ $5.3bn data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Newmark Group establishes real estate broker footprint in Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Newmark names real estate boss as CAO - ttc-single-post-news.php

NEXTDC buys $92m data centre, plans 300MW expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

NextDC to build 150MW data centre in Melbourne - ttc-single-post-news.php

NEXTDC to invest $72m building out data centre footprint in South Australia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nigeria breaks ground on $250m data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nigeria gov’t to open federal data centre soon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nigeria’s MainOne eyes ‘very aggressive’ expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

NIIF, AGP backing Stonepeak’s pan-India hyperscale data centre roll out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nomad Futurist Foundation opens data centre academy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nominees announced for The Tech Capital Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nordic Capital closes $9bn fund with eyes set on digital infrastructure investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nordic investor Hyperco grows board as it announces hyperscale expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nordic nations leading in European Commission’s $130bn digital transformation roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nordic’s largest operator joins European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

North Dakota approves mega $1.9bn data centre farm - ttc-single-post-news.php

NorthC Group debuts in Switzerland via acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Northern Data invests $430m to expand HPC and mining capabilities - ttc-single-post-news.php

Northern Data set to issue $25m in shares to buy 6-hall HPC data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Norway shortens distance to continental Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

Norway to add 100MW of leased data centre power by 2024 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Norway’s data centre giants DigiPlex, Bulk, Green Mountain, Lefdal Mine unite to launch international industry association - ttc-single-post-news.php

Novva Data Centers to open $1bn Utah data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Novva Data Centers unveils $400m facility financed by CIM’s growth equity investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT expands India data centre footprint to 220MW - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT forges JV for Vietnam data centre launch - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT fuels Madrid data centre economy with first site - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT Global, Tokyo Century to build 13 data centres in Mumbai - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT investing in doubling up London data centre real estate - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT invests in further expanding Japan data centre base with $276m - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT kicks off construction at 118,000 sqft data centre in Switzerland - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT latest global operator to open a data centre in Africa - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT set to invest $3.5bn in India’s data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT to open its largest single North America data centre campus in 2024 - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT, Tokyo Century partner for India data centre push - ttc-single-post-news.php

NTT’s 240MW Arizona campus construction update – in pictures -

NTT’s new Europe CEO says she wants to use digital to build company’s rich heritage - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nuclear-powered data centre brought online in Pennsylvania - ttc-single-post-news.php

Nvidia beats Wall Street forecasts as data centre, gaming businesses deliver 68% revenue jump - ttc-single-post-news.php

NVIDIA doubles investment in UK supercomputer to $100m - ttc-single-post-news.php

NVIDIA, Macquarie Data Centres and MainOne infrastructure investments – June 21, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

NVIDIA’s $40bn Arm buyout from Softbank collapses - ttc-single-post-news.php

NYC unveils $1.6bn life sciences campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oak Hill Capital commits $300m into New York fibre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oak Hill Capital to invest $250m in new fibre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oakwood Bank leads $45m construction loan for Netrality Data Centers - ttc-single-post-news.php

ODATA pushing ahead with $320m data centre expansion CAPEX - ttc-single-post-news.php

OMERS Infrastructure buys second tower business in two months - ttc-single-post-news.php

OMERS Infrastructure snaps up $660m Australian tower business - ttc-single-post-news.php

One Equity Partners buys data centre equipment provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

One Equity Partners closes $2.75bn fund, readies for investment spree - ttc-single-post-news.php

One of the world’s largest crypto miners is moving into a 180MW Kazakhstan data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

OneAsia to break into South Korea with $600m data park - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ontario to receive 100MW Bitcoin mining data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Open Fiber to invest $12.4bn in Italy - ttc-single-post-news.php

OpenInfra Foundation revamps board, names first GM - ttc-single-post-news.php

OpenText boosts cloud recurring revenues with $860m Zix buy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle enters Paris market with cloud region at Interxion’s largest French digital park - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle latest global public cloud giant to open Spain region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle launches first cloud region in Northern Europe and Italy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle moves cloud infrastructure in Colombia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle names first business head of Saudi Arabia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle opens new cloud regions in APAC and Middle East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle targets France’s cloud economy as AWS invests $17bn into Canada - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle targets portfolio of 44 cloud regions by 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle, Airtel band together in search for share in India’s $9.5bn cloud economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Oracle, Orange join forces to expand West Africa cloud infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange adds Warsaw data centre to portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange buys Etix Everywhere’s Morocco data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange lands Chinese subsea cable in France as plans for 5 Spain data centres emerge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange launches wholly owned EU TowerCo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange to build data centre in Egypt’s new $58bn capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orange to roll out Amsterdam, Madrid, and Seattle cloud PoPs with Equinix - ttc-single-post-news.php

Orion Energy Partners makes green investment into Cumulus 800MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

OVH to push ahead with global data centre expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

OVHcloud eyeing IPO on Euronext Paris – June 15, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Pacific Telecommunications Council Announces Its PTC Awards 2023 Recipients - ttc-single-post-news.php

PacketFabric snaps up storage provider amid multi-cloud core architecture boom - ttc-single-post-news.php

PAG Real Estate launches $12bn digital infrastructure investment company - ttc-single-post-news.php

PAG Real Estate launches APAC digital infrastructure venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

PAG’s FLOW Digital Infrastructure and AyalaLand form data centre JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

PAG’s FLOW Digital Infrastructure enters agreement with DXN for data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pan-European infrastructure fund buys Segulah Fund V’s data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pantheon Infrastructure invests into tower mammoth Vertical Bridge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pantheon Infrastructure teams up with DigitalBridge in Western Europe tower investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pantheon targets $400m IPO with focus on digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pantheon, Stonepeak and EQT finance Western Europe fibre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paratus Group opens up DRC digital infrastructure arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paratus Holdings prepares to open Zambia data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paratus invests in Angola’s fibre links to boost private and public sector business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paratus sets date for Namibia data centre launch - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paratus sets date for Namibia data centre opening - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paris & Marseille DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Paris welcomes new Oracle Cloud region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Park Place Technologies buys Georgia IT services provider - ttc-single-post-news.php

Parthenon Capital buys KBRA in major $900m markets rating agency reshuffle - ttc-single-post-news.php

Partners come forward with complexity-killing data centre management platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Partners Group acquires atNorth taking 2021 digital infrastructure investments to $4bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Partners Group’s atNorth expands board with Nordic data centre veteran - ttc-single-post-news.php

Partners Group’s EdgeCore breaks ground in California - ttc-single-post-news.php

Patrinely Group breaks ground on 130-acre hyperscale data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paul Hastings expands M&A digital infrastructure legal team - ttc-single-post-news.php

Paul Judge and Mark Buffington join to launch $300m VC fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

PCCW mulling $600m data centre business sale to DigitalBridge - ttc-single-post-news.php

PCCW, DigitalBridge agree on $750m data centre sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE firm Partners Group invests $1.2bn to buy US hyperscale data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE giants Evergreen and Vista Equity buy Citrix in $16.5bn mega-deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE group Moa Capital buys telco market research and consulting firm TeleGeography - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE house Cassava invests in Kenya’s data centre hyperscale capacity - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE-backed 1547 CSR planning $6bn data centre complex in East US - ttc-single-post-news.php

PE-backed CleanArc launches with pipeline of North America hyperscale data centre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

PEACE cable begins data flows between North Africa and Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

PEACE Cable to cross Indian Ocean linking France to Singapore - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pennsylvania nuclear power station to house 900MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Penta Infra buys Danish site in Nordic edge computing investment drive - ttc-single-post-news.php

Penta Infra strengthens Dutch data centre market influence - ttc-single-post-news.php

Peppertree Capital raises $1.2bn for digital infrastructure investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Peraton wins $2.7bn data centre contract with the US DHS - ttc-single-post-news.php

Perspectives on Sustainability – Virtual Panel -

Perspectives on Sustainability: Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

PGIM Real Estate, Equinix enter 80/20 JV to invest $575m in data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippine construction group to move into ‘pandemic resilient’ infrastructure including data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippine gov’t body seeking nearly $1bn digital infrastructure budget - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippine telco PLDT unveils hyperscale campus as $1.5bn data centre, towers sale rumours continue - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines (Manila) DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Philippines digital infrastructure players form $350m data centre JV - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines land $500m mega data centre project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines opens China Telecom-backed data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines’ $5bn fibre giant completes P6 billion submarine cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines’ Globe Telecom offloads another tower portfolio for $340m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines’ Globe Telecom ramps up digital infrastructure development - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines’ Globe Telecom to sell towers real estate for $1.28bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Philippines’ largest data centre breaks ground - ttc-single-post-news.php

Phoenix Tower International acquires Chilean digital infrastructure in Blackstone-backed $930m deal - ttc-single-post-news.php

Phoenix Tower International continues M&A path with 2 new transactions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Phoenix Tower International grabs French tower portfolio from Cellnex - ttc-single-post-news.php

phoenixNAP to build 500,000 sqf data centre in Silicon Desert - ttc-single-post-news.php

Physics Nobel celebrates quantum mechanics ‘ground-breaking experiments’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Piemonte business expands Brazil data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Piemonte Holding buys data centre from Latin America’s largest media business - ttc-single-post-news.php

Piemonte Holding poaches Equinix director to accelerate data centre deployments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pioneer Point Partners close $645m maiden infrastructure fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

PLDT enters race for Philippines’ largest data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

PLDT mulls extra tower sale 7 months after $1.47bn divestiture - ttc-single-post-news.php

PLDT sells tower business for $1.47bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

PLDT sets date for launch of 14,000Km submarine cable system - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portman Partners bolsters leadership team with new partner appointment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal lands first mega hyperscale campus with $4.2bn investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal, Spain growing data centre markets to gain further hyperscale power - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal’s $4.2bn mega data centre campus wins government go-ahead - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal’s Atlantic islands ramp up data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal’s Start Campus breaks ground on $4bn data centre farm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal’s Start Campus partners with EllaLink as construction kick-off on $4.2bn campus nears - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portugal’s start campus poaches Google leader for $4.2bn Sines data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Portuguese telco joins national data centre expansion drive with new Lisbon facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prashant Murthy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Predictions for 2022: Digitising the design and build of data centres - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Prime Data Centers begins building $1bn Illinois data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prime Data Centers expands in California more than doubling regional capacity - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prime Data Centers lands large publicly-traded tech biz at LA site as 2.4GW expansion plan soldiers on - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prime Data Centers to open in the heart of downtown Los Angeles - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prime Data Centers unveils $1bn data centre campus project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton Digital Group could IPO at $2bn market value - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton Digital Group enters Japan with $1bn data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton opens Mubadala-backed $300m data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton raises $500m, will expand data centre footprint across Japan, India, Singapore, China and Indonesia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton to build $150m data centre expansion in Indonesia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton, Lendlease background on $1.5bn Tokyo data centre project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Princeton’s $1bn Japan venture, Amazon’s renewable game, Cyxtera’s data centre expansion – June 30, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Principal Asset Management backs 100MW hyperscale data centre in Oregon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Principal Global Investors reach $2bn mark in data centre investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Principal Real Estate buys Barcelona data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Principal Real Estate Investors partners up for US data centre acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Private investors back UK MarTech $260m valuation goals - ttc-single-post-news.php

Private investors to finance Saudi Arabia’s $18bn hyperscale data centre construction frenzy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Prof. Dr. Ralf P. Thomas - ttc-single-post-news.php

Profit vs Purpose – How data can be used to tackle humanitarian challenges - ttc-single-post-news.php

Project Art – $1.4bn west Ireland data centre project could generate over 2,000 jobs - ttc-single-post-news.php

Project Huckleberry – Facebook to build $800m data centre in Arizona - ttc-single-post-news.php

Proximity fuels out-of-London data centre movement - ttc-single-post-news.php

Proximus Group snaps up BICS for $690m - ttc-single-post-news.php

PRP unveils $2bn data centre, industrial acquisition plans - ttc-single-post-news.php

PTC’23 – From Greener Data to Sustainable Finance, Taking the temperature of digital infrastructure ESG investment - ttc-single-post-special.php

PTC’23 — Sean Bergin, President & Chair, PTC Board of Governors on The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

PTC’22: $4tr digital infrastructure investments and other headlines of Day 2 - ttc-single-post-news.php

PTC’22: Bill Barney on opportunity, investment and the road ahead for digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

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PTC22: Asia driving global hyperscale data centre segment and other Day 1 headlines - ttc-single-post-news.php

Public cloud revenues to cross half-Trillion Dollar mark for the first time - ttc-single-post-news.php

Public sector barriers to IoT implementation and how they can be overcome - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Public traded miner buys data centre to bring production to 18 bitcoins a day - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pulsant widens its edge footprint to service providers with acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pure Data Centres given go ahead for 450,000 sqf site close to London – June 18, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Pure Data Centres teams up with APAC giant to build infrastructure across the region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pure Data Centres to add nearly 700,000 sqft of data centre space to portfolio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Pure Storage’s VP exits to join $300m data management firm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Putting infra/Structure together 2022 in a post-Covid-19 world - ttc-single-post-news.php

Q&A: CyrusOne’s European boss on building London’s latest hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-special.php

Q1 Season – Digital Realty has best quarter in 11 years - ttc-single-post-news.php

Q1 snapshot: Cloud infrastructure spending closes in on $53bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Q3 2021: APAC Infrastructure Quarterly Report - ttc-single-post-report.php

Qatar’s Ooredoo mulls 20,000 telecoms towers assets sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

QTS Realty Trust stockholders approve $10bn Blackstone acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

QTS Realty Trust stocks inch up to near-record price as $10bn Blackstone takeover fails to find competition - ttc-single-post-news.php

QTS renews Chief People Officer seat - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quaero Capital targets Northern Europe for data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Qualcomm splashes $1.4bn in connected computing acquisition for the future - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Loophole announces Chief Real Estate Officer - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Loophole breaks ground on hyper-giant Maryland data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Loophole names CFO who was previously behind CyrusOne IPO spin off - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Loophole sells first plot on 2,000-acre data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Loophole to build unprecedented data centre – June 28, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Quantum Switch calls on CNet to train staff for $3.6bn data centre project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quantum Switch Tamasuk wins the Infrastructure Deal Award at The Tech Capital Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-special.php

Querétaro secures $2.5bn in data centre projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quinbrook brings in AWS, Morgan Stanley head to lead 1.8GW data centre rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quinbrook expands data centre investment in Rowan Green Data platform - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quinbrook shares details of $2.5bn mega data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Quinbrook, Birch Infrastructure’s 1.8GW data centre masterplan goes ahead with first $300m going into Texas hyperscale facility - ttc-single-post-news.php

Radius Global on track for $1.7bn telecoms digital infrastructure acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Rahul Mewawalla joins Mawson Infrastructure’s board of directors - ttc-single-post-news.php

Raxio Group debuts new market as Africa data centre boom moves on - ttc-single-post-news.php

Raxio Group signs key partner for pan-Africa data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Raxio teams up with Africa Century Real Estate to launch new data centre region - ttc-single-post-news.php

Raxio to open first West Africa data centre in 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Real estate developer GLP lays out $13bn data centre roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Real estate investment platform buys Ohio data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Real estate investor prepares to roll out a hyperscale and edge data centre network across Australia - ttc-single-post-news.php

Real estate player GFLC and operator 1547 to develop 290MW data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Record data centre investments, asset sales and fundraising– July 01, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Reframing the Approach to IT Infrastructure - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

REIT COPT planning 1.5 million sqft of new data centre, office space in 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Richard Puccio - ttc-single-post-news.php

Rising interest rates driving data centre REITs into ‘re-rate’ mode, says famous contrarian Jim Chanos - ttc-single-post-news.php

Risks and opportunities in debt and equity digital infrastructure finance markets - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Rittal names US CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Rod Smith - ttc-single-post-news.php

Romania banks on 200MW AI data centre to boost digital economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Ron Huisman - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia could impose new energy tariffs in response to China’s crypto mining exodus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia eyes $700m country-wide data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia to house Europe’s largest data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Live news updates from the digital infrastructure and tech spheres - ttc-single-post-special.php

Russia’s Yandex to move into Germany with $30m cloud investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s IXcellerate adds 17MW in Moscow with 10-year roadmap mulling largescale expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s IXcellerate raises $190m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s Rostelecom buys 100% stake in IT unit ahead of data centre IPO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s Rostelecom opens phase 2 of 5 of 40MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s Rostelecom to build 600,000 sqft data centre, raises $135m to fuel expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russia’s Rostelecom to build data centre in the Artic Circle - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russian big tech group eyes 63MW data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Russian sovereign wealth fund backing $200m Moscow data centre campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sabey Data Centers to open doors of 72MW Austin data centre in less than 12 months - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sabey Data Centers vows to hit net-zero emissions before end of 2020s - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sabey targets $250m in revenue notes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sad and depressed investors are betting faster on sustainable funds - ttc-single-post-news.php

Safanad, Industry Capital-backed operator expands Houston data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Safaricom deploying $100m data centre in Ethiopia - ttc-single-post-news.php

SafeHost puts $142m towards data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Salute Mission Critical’s CEO wins Special Recognition Award at The Tech Capital Awards 2022 - ttc-single-post-special.php

Santander called in for Chilean data centre investors hunt out - ttc-single-post-news.php

Satellite rivals OneWeb, Eutelsat enter all-share merger agreement - ttc-single-post-news.php

Satya Nadella to leave Microsoft CEO role, joins the board – June 17, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Saudi Arabia bets on joint Iraq data centre to boost up $1bn trade window - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi Arabia launches Tonomus, Neom’s tech arm with nearly $1bn in digital infrastructure projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi Arabia’s $18bn data centre masterplan – July 13, 2021 | The Tech Capital - ttc-single-post-podcast.php

Saudi Arabia’s Zain closes $805m tower divestiture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi Crown Prince launches OXAGON floating industrial city that will house data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi Fransi Capital to invest $400m building 6 data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi JV turned into Google’s national cloud reseller - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi tech giant to break ground on $320m data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Saudi Telecom Co. to build extra data centres in $400m investment push - ttc-single-post-news.php

Savills gets Digital Realty head to lead brand new EMEA data centre advisory arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Scala Data Centers invests in LATAM CoE to speed up data centre expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Scala Data Centers names several LATAM data centre GMs - ttc-single-post-news.php

Scalable Commerce – Why You Should Be Thinking About This Now - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

SCCP launches multi-billion Dollar hyperscale data centre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric buys start-up climate-tech platform Zeigo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire calls on governments and corporates to fast-track climate efforts - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric dribbles supply chain shortages with hyperscalers pushing data centre segment up - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric gears up European data centre leadership - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric readies for hybrid world with new director - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric to invest ‘more than $100m’ on three manufacturing plants - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric ups fight against skills gap with bulked up data centre university curriculum - ttc-single-post-news.php

Schneider Electric’s board green lights AVEVA acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

SDC Capital Partners-backed fibre operator invests in Ohio network - ttc-single-post-news.php

SEA digital infrastructure investor closes in on Indonesia campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sean McNeill - ttc-single-post-news.php

Seaport Capital invests in US communications infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Security and GDPR-compliant data protection post Brexit - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Sequoia China, STT GDC finance GDS Holdings $620m markets round - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sequoia leads Collibra’s fresh capital funding round doubling valuation to $5.25bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Seraya Partners’ Empyrion DC to build $400m data centre in South Korea - ttc-single-post-news.php

Serverfarm expands Atlanta footprint by bringing underutilised data centre space online - ttc-single-post-news.php

Serverfarm seeds London data centre growth with fresh capital commitment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Serverfarm to open first Middle East data centre in H2 2022 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Serverfarm’s new colocation VP on where’s next for data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-special.php

Service Express snaps up Fortune 500 TPM data centre group - ttc-single-post-news.php

Serving hyperscale data centre requirements requires a whole new mindset - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sharif Metwalli - ttc-single-post-news.php

Shoppers Are Flocking to a New Digital ‘Hood. What Does This Mean For Retail and their tech? - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Shortest fibre link between Norway and continental Europe completes construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

Siemens sets roadmap to killing CO2 footprint in the UK - ttc-single-post-news.php

Siemens spends $1.6bn to buy infrastructure SaaS giant - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sila Realty Trust gained $355m with $1.3bn data centre sale to Mapletree - ttc-single-post-news.php

Simple Helix LLC buys up sites in Atlanta and Chicago - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singapore data centre REIT buys DLR estate in the USA and Germany - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singapore DCI Report 2022: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection - ttc-single-post-report.php

Singapore power alliance to explore hydrogen benefits - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singapore private equity firm ABC leads investment in immersion cooling for data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singapore, India, Canada are the world’s most stock-obsessed nations - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singapore’s SpaceDC expands into China - ttc-single-post-news.php

Singtel, Telkom agree on buying and building data centre assets across ASEAN - ttc-single-post-news.php

SK Group partners with Stonepeak-backed entity for $800m South Korea data centre venture - ttc-single-post-news.php

SKS Credit to launch $200m data centre fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Skybox, Prologis to build hyperscale data centre in Chicago - ttc-single-post-news.php

SMBC closes $1.28bn green loan for Blackstone subsidiary QTS Realty Trust - ttc-single-post-news.php

Soaring hosting demand drives IPI’s STACK Infrastructure investment in Oregon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Societe Generale behind latest Vantage Data Centers’ $300m green loan - ttc-single-post-news.php

Societe Generale, DigitalBridge, Macquarie invest $1bn in US fibre infrastructure biz - ttc-single-post-news.php

SoftBank’s BBIX expands Japan data centre reach - ttc-single-post-news.php

Solomon Islands lands $66m China loan for towers rollout, the first trancher since swapping Taiwan for Beijing - ttc-single-post-news.php

Somalia grows internet access with new undersea cable project - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sophos to open data centres in Latin America and South Asia - ttc-single-post-news.php

South Africa’s Teraco launches 270,000 sqft hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

South American operators push ahead with data centre expansions - ttc-single-post-news.php

South Korea JV eyes green data centre developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

South Korea’s SKT targets $18.7bn in rev with digital infrastructure and AI investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

Southeast Europe’s first mega data centre breaks ground - ttc-single-post-news.php

Southeast Europe’s largest data centre campus opens for business - ttc-single-post-news.php

SpaceDC partners with JLL to build Philippines largescale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

SpaceDC, Aofei form China megascale data centre partnership - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spain appoints first Chief Data Officer, vows to promote construction of digital infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spain eyeing $5.8bn in data centre investments with new industry association - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spain’s data centre capital in-flow maintains speed as openings announced - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spain’s Cellnex says goodbye to CEO who grew market cap from $3bn to $25bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spanish fibre operator tops $2.85bn in value amid PE investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spanish gov’t sits with data centre industry representatives as $5.8bn potential CAPEX grabs Madrid’s attention - ttc-single-post-news.php

Spanish telco unveils $2.2bn GDP booster data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

SRTG private equity group rolls out $150m Southeast Asia data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

ST Telemedia breaks ground on $152m greenfield India data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure brings online Oregon hyperscale data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stack Infrastructure expands future 250MW Northern Virginia campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure grows European footprint with new Milan hub - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stack Infrastructure launches Valley data centre with further 700MW lined up for construction across North America - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stack Infrastructure names first CTO in company’s history - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure poaches rival NTT’s talent for EMEA board - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure reaches agreement for Australia data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure to enter Singapore, South Korea, Australia with Japan first in line - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure to turn Coca-Cola factory into an 80MW FLAP data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure under development projects top 800MW - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK Infrastructure ups Northern Virginia bet to 300MW of data centre power - ttc-single-post-news.php

STACK, ESR form JV to build a hyperscale data centre in South Korea - ttc-single-post-news.php

Star Capital enlists Jefferies to lead data centre business divesture - ttc-single-post-news.php

Starwood Capital Group to invest $972m in Irish data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

STC launches $1bn infra business arm to cultivate Saudi Arabia’s data economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

stc launches $1bn Mena Hub digital infrastructure subsidiary - ttc-single-post-news.php

stc launches first data centre after $1bn digital infrastructure announcement - ttc-single-post-news.php

STC to invest $800m in cloud and data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Steve Howden - ttc-single-post-news.php

STL new board hire tasked with setting up ‘solid foundation for future growth’ - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stock markets set to continue under pressure from the Fed - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stockholm lands 20MW heat exchanger data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stockholm’s latest $72m HPC data centre to heat local homes - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonecourt Capital’s data centre unit refinances all debt to fuel expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak buys $2.5bn CoreSite stake from American Tower - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak buys broadband giant Astound for $8.1bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak buys Lumen’s Latin America business for $2.7bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak closes $3bn equity recapitalisation of North American data centre player - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak increases investment in CoreSite to $3bn - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak leads Digital Edge’s SEA debut with $165m stake buyout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak next infra fund aims at $20bn for investment, including data centre targets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak pays $2.4bn for 911 digital infrastructure backbone - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak-backed Cologix eyes $150m Ohio data centre expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak’s Cologix unveils 270MW, 1.4m sqf hyperscale edge data centre investment - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak’s $2.7bn LATAM digital infrastructure takeover completes as Lumen exits Cirion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak’s Cologix names new CEO six months after $3bn equity recapitalisation - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stonepeak’s Cologix reshuffles boardroom as part of succession masterplan - ttc-single-post-news.php

StratCap 2022 acquisitions close to $200m with new cell towers buy - ttc-single-post-news.php

StratCap buys tower assets across 5 US States - ttc-single-post-news.php

StratCap expands team as it hints at incoming acquisition wave - ttc-single-post-news.php

Strategic Capital buys wireless infrastructure assets in the US - ttc-single-post-news.php

Strategic Wireless ramps up towers portfolio with new US acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stream Data Centers adds former Schneider Electric exec to tech ranks - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stream Data Centers grows leadership team in answer to hyperscale demand - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stream Data Centers hints at largescale expansion with AWS hire - ttc-single-post-news.php

Stream’s new investment vehicle to target across US data centre assets - ttc-single-post-news.php

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STT GDC enters green finance momentum with eyes set on bonds, loans issuing - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT GDC latest to commit to 2030 carbon-neutral data centre target - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT GDC locks in Philippines JV to enter $535m national data centre market - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT GDC moves into Japan with 650,000 sqft data centre project - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT GDC opens $260m Singapore data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT GDC opens Thailand’s largest data centre to date - ttc-single-post-news.php

STT tops out Temasek-backed Indonesia data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Subbash Thammanna - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sungard AS completes divestiture of 12 data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Supercharging your startup with digitised share schemes - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Superloop seals assets sale to Columbia Capital, DigitalBridge - ttc-single-post-news.php

Supply chain challenges and inflationary headwinds slow down Vertiv’s 4Q21, group shifts gear towards $5.8bn in 2022 net sales - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sustainability: Software for a Circular Economy - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

Sustainable Power – A Renewable Path to Decarbonisation - ttc-single-post-editorial.php

SVAC’s Cyxtera expands Silicon Valley, Chicago data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sweden’s Hexatronic Group expands data centre monopoly with UK acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Sweden’s newest colo expands national data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Swedish multinational to build $70m London data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Swedish operator sets out plans for $104m wood data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Swiss data centre operator Green closes half billion Dollar refinancing - ttc-single-post-news.php

Swiss life-led consortium buys $1.2bn stake in DigitalBridge-owned DataBank - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch breaks into Texas with $420m Data Foundry acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch Inc. sued over financial cover-up in $11bn data centre M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch posts final results ahead of $11bn DigitalBridge, IFM takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch prices $500m worth of senior notes to pay for Data Foundry acquisition - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch Q2 books record revenue as $11bn takeover by DigitalBridge, IFM gets shareholders approval - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch to boost 185MW of data centre power in Texas, and even Michael Dell gives it a thumbs up - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switch’s multi-billion Dollar US expansion projects in pictures -

Switch’s revenue grows 26% as DigitalBridge, Brookfield race to buy $7bn mega operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switzerland’s Green expands data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

Switzerland’s UBS loses sustainability head to Germany’s Aquila Capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

T5 to launch federal hyperscale data centre campus in Georgia - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Talen Energy files for bankruptcy with $1.65bn new equity - ttc-single-post-news.php

Talen Energy names new CEO ramping up digital infrastructure focus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Talen Energy seeking $3.4bn as Chapter 11 roadmap approved by US court - ttc-single-post-news.php

Talen lands $1.3bn equity investment weeks after filing for bankruptcy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Talen’s new CFO has $20bn in M&A experience - ttc-single-post-news.php

Talend ramps up cloud data infrastructure with AWS lease - ttc-single-post-news.php

TC Latin America Partners upsizes LATAM business, targets new digital infrastructure investments - ttc-single-post-news.php

TD Bank Group snaps up Cowen Inc. in $1.3bn takeover - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telecom Egypt to host $374m Medusa subsea cable - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telecom Egypt, Aqua Comms sign subsea cable agreement - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telecom giant Lumen seals $7.5bn portfolio sale to Apollo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telefónica sells data centres to $700m PE-backed retail colo - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telehouse bulks up European leadership team with new MD - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telehouse promotes investment at $1.31bn London campus - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telehouse to open Thai data centre in 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telehouse’s $1bn European expansion budget delivers new Paris data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Teleindia Networks launches data centre arm with first site already up and running in the Silicon Valley of the East - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telenor and CP Group create $8.6bn telecom mammoth with Thai units merger - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telesat’s trading debut sets new age for satellite operators - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telia Carrier switches on first Las Vegas PoP for content and cloud providers - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telia divest half of $1.2bn Swedish business to Brookfield, Alecta - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telstra invests in new data centre business arm - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telstra tees up $1.6bn for fibre and satellite projects - ttc-single-post-news.php

Telstra, Equinix partner to boost exchanges connectivity responsible for over $1tr traded daily - ttc-single-post-news.php

Temasek sets up Paris office in search of EU deal flow - ttc-single-post-news.php

Temasek’s STT GDC mulls data centre IPO at $5bn market cap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Tencent launches 4 data centres across Asia and Europe - ttc-single-post-news.php

Teraco secures $680m in debt financing, the largest ever capital injection into an African operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

TeraGo sells data centre real estate to crypto miner - ttc-single-post-news.php

Teresa Shi - ttc-single-post-news.php

Texas 300MW blockchain data centre rubber stamped for construction - ttc-single-post-news.php

Texas authorities greenlight Lancium’s $2.4bn data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Texas data centre group investing in Kansas City expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

Texas’ AZZ Inc sells majority stake in infra biz to Fernweh Group for $300m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Texas’ Transtelco Holding buys Mexican fibre operator - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Transatlantic operators team up in boost to Southern and West African connectivity markets - ttc-single-post-news.php

Triple Double, Stonerock Capital Partners acquire Florida data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Triple Point’s Digital 9 scoops an extra $90m to finance digital infrastructure acquisitions - ttc-single-post-news.php

Triple Point’s digital infrastructure subsidiary tops $1bn in raised expansion capital - ttc-single-post-news.php

Turkish telco to IPO Eastern Europe tower subsidiary - ttc-single-post-news.php

Turner & Townsend value jumps to $2.2bn as CBRE closes real estate M&A - ttc-single-post-news.php

Two new subsea cables deployed as sector goes ‘full knots ahead’ with $8bn investment spree - ttc-single-post-news.php

UAE billionaire commits $1bn into data centre developments - ttc-single-post-news.php

UAE data centre giant plans 200MW of new power by 2023 - ttc-single-post-news.php

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UAE telco EITC Q3 revenues hit $782m as data centre portfolio grows - ttc-single-post-news.php

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UK institutional investor to back $660m data centre IT park in Navi Mumbai - ttc-single-post-news.php

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UK PLC buys Verne Global’s $320m data centre business - ttc-single-post-news.php

UK to purchase ships to protect subsea critical infrastructure - ttc-single-post-news.php

UK’s Landsec sells London data centre, office block to BlackStone for $263m - ttc-single-post-news.php

UK’s Actis poaches Hines’ capital markets head - ttc-single-post-news.php

UK’s CityFibre closes $6bn debt funding round - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Uttar Pradesh gives thumbs up to $2.2bn in data centre incentives - ttc-single-post-news.php

Uttar Pradesh inks $1.6bn for nearly 1,000 edge data centres rollout - ttc-single-post-news.php

Validus Power Corp expands HPC data centre footprint with $100m - ttc-single-post-news.php

Valterra Partners’ ColoHouse doubles down on New York data centre footprint - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Vantage Data Centers breaks ground on $1bn Africa expansion - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Vantage Data Centers sets up shop in Hong Kong with new office - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vantage Data Centers to support staff seeking abortions in wake of Roe v. Wade overturning - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Veeam names former Microsoft, SAP exec CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Venture capital investors commit into Cloudflare’s US$1.25bn startup fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

VEON opens Islamabad data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Verne Global expands board with new hires from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Liquid and Amazon - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertical Bridge REIT secures $1.4bn in funding - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv expands in the Middle East in another bid against supply chain shortages - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv increases FY guidance to $5bn for the first time ever - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv joins Equinix in push for low-carbon fuel cell development for data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv names Giordano Albertazzi new CEO - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv relocates EMEA president to Americas in bid to improve financial performance - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vertiv seals $1.8bn power acquisition as it heads to the markets - ttc-single-post-news.php

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Vertiv to open 430,000 sqf digital infrastructure manufacturing plant in Mexico - ttc-single-post-news.php

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VNET and mysterious sovereign wealth fund to invest $785m in Chinese data centres - ttc-single-post-news.php

VNET courted for multi-billion Dollar sale by Chinese bank and PE giant - ttc-single-post-news.php

VNET Group board director hands in resignation - ttc-single-post-news.php

VNET moves on with M&A as special sale committee names financial advisors - ttc-single-post-news.php

VNET’s AUM jump $340m in 6 months to $1.1bn as takeover talks continue - ttc-single-post-news.php

VNET’s founder calls for ‘buyout consortium’ as CEO resigns - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vocus unveils $1bn expansion roadmap - ttc-single-post-news.php

Vodafone and Canada’s CDPQ in talks for $1.52bn Indus Towers stake sale - ttc-single-post-news.php

Volvo steers CAPEX towards new 200 PebiBytes connected car data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

VPLS acquires data centre in California - ttc-single-post-news.php

VPLS buys Texas data centre - ttc-single-post-news.php

Wafra sells $800m ownership stake in DigitalBridge - ttc-single-post-news.php

War in Ukraine could slow down global data centre economy - ttc-single-post-news.php

Warburg Pincus raises $2.8bn for ‘new economy real estate’ fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

Warburg Pincus to finance Southeast Asia data centre roll out with $2.8bn fund - ttc-single-post-news.php

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