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Last Modified November 02, 2022By The Tech Capital's Team

Members of the press

Members of the press may re-use The Tech Capital (“TTC”) material published on public websites (i.e. those which are not password protected) provided that:

All portions of text identify TTC as the source

The TTC copyright statement is affixed to all graphics. TTC’s copyright statement is: © The Tech Capital 2022

When quoting, The Tech Capital should be named in full with a link to if published online.

Subscribers and other Users

TTC material published on public websites (i.e. those which are not password protected) may be cited provided that:

  • All citations must be accurate, quoted verbatim, and/or duplicated without being manipulated, adapted, paraphrased or summarised and they must not be used out of context any quote or extract must be from research published within the last three months; quotations from research published prior to that timeframe require verification and approval when quoting, TTC Initiative should be named in full with a link to if published online.
  • The TTC copyright statement must be affixed to all graphics (diagrams, graphs and/or tables). TTC’s copyright statement is: © The Tech Capital 2022.
  • TTC research is proprietary to TTC and subject to copyright and property protections. Commercial use of the research is prohibited.
  • TTC material published on password protected areas of websites, or by PDF or any other paid or licenses means, are subject to the terms of use associated with the licenses.

When do you need approval to re-publish material from TTC public websites?


May reproduce a diagram, graph or table for use in marketing collateral, provided that all citations adhere to the general rules outlined above

Should seek approval from TTC marketing team where a verbal quotation or written material is intended for use in any form of marketing collateral or publicly available information, or where reproduction and/or distribution of the research is required.

All other Users

Should seek approval to cite any of TTC’s material for any use.

How to obtain approval

Please present all requests to TTC Marketing team via

All requests to use quotations, graphs, diagrams and/or tables should be submitted in their final media vehicle, eg. press release, marketing materials, presentation, etc

All of the elements in the above guidelines should be included for approval (copyright statement, source, attribution, etc)

We will work with you to provide approval within three business days on receipt of your request.

All content is copyright The Tech Capital 2022.

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