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What is The Tech Capital’s Fact Checker?

Fake news is a problem of our new, digital world. We live in times where the truth sometimes can be overshadowed by incorrect facts and viral social media posts.

Updated June 13, 2021 / Original June 10, 2021

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By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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June 10, 2021 | 10:32 AM BST

The Tech Capital’s Fact Checker is a project that seeks to shine a light on stories that are causing confusion in the market. Our main goal is to find the truth and explain the background of that truth based on facts.

We want to bring journalism closer to our readers by exploring the usage of new technologies and investigate tools.

There are three possible outcomes to all Fact Checker entries: True, False, and Inconclusive.

Fact Checker articles are usually built in three segments:

  • The Story – Explaining the background of the topic in question and what reports say
  • The Check – Explore the story and fact-check what is claimed/said in The Story
  • The Conclusion – This is where we reach a final conclusion to whether the story is True, False or Inconclusive with some quick analysis

It is important to reference that none of our journalists are affiliated, are part of, or own any stock in any data centre provider or other digital businesses be it infrastructure, software, or others.

We are open to receive ideas for Fact Checker articles from our readers, and these can be sent to We do not accept anonymous submissions for the Fact Checker series and in the Fact Checker series we will always opt for not publishing an anonymous submission over a sourced one.

Sourced-based entries to The Tech Capital’s Fact Checker will not disclose the submitter’s name or any other details – unless consensual authorisation has been given.

Furthermore, The Tech Capital will also not explore the personal lives of those featured in the Fact Checker series, unless their story has a real impact on the sector.

The Tech Capital’s Fact Checker will also not be a platform for sharing rumours into the public space.

If an analysis of a story is wrong and evidence confirms so, The Tech Capital will amend the error and place a note in the article to say so.

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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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