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Around the world with Google’s data centres

With 25 regions currently active, and nine more on the way, Google's data centres set the bar in the digital infrastructure world.

Updated June 12, 2021 / Original June 08, 2021

Google has pledge to build only sustainable data centres. Source: Google

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By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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June 08, 2021 | 2:53 PM BST

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is one of the world’s leading public cloud operators. Such feat is only possible when the right infrastructure is in place on a global scale.

Today, Google, Alphabet’s largest subsidiary, operates data centre sites in 25 regions with the availability of 76 zones and 144 network edge locations.

The company is on a rapid expansion path, with new regions being built in Doha (Qatar), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Delhi (India), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Santiago (Chile), Madrid (Spain) and Turin (Italy).

Whilst those new regions are not online, many of Google’s cloud facilities are some of the largest and greenest data centres of the moment.

Here’s a few of those Google sites from around the world.

Google’s first data centre in Latin America. Located in the municipality of Quilicura, near Santiago, Chile, this facility is one of the most environmentally friendly data centres in Latin America. Source: Google
A beautiful landscape forms during winter in Finland as the gulf ices over and creates a picturesque view of Google’s data centre in Hamina. Source: Google
This was Google’s first data centre in Southeast Asia. In September 2011, the public cloud giant announced that it had acquired 2.45 hectares of land in Jurong West, with plans to build a data centre. The facility, which came online in December 2013, serves users across the Southeast Asia region. Source: Google
Located about three hours down the coast from Taipei, Google’s Changhua County data centre sits in the shadow of some of the 100-meter-tall wind turbines that dot the coastal industrial park. Source: Google
Dusk settles around Google’s data centre in Douglas County, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Source: Google
In 2007, Google announced plans to construct a data centre complex in Berkeley County, South Carolina. The operator announced the expansion of the facility in 2013, bringing total investment to US$2.4 billion and establishing a long-term commitment to the region and state. The site collect rainwater as a water source for the facility’s cooling system. Source: Google
This is the exterior wall of Google’s Oklahoma data centre by digital artist Jenny Odell who has created collages made up of imagery collected from Google Maps. Source: Google
In February of 2018, Google officially broke ground on its $600 million data centre in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Once fully operational, this data centre will employ more than 70 employees in a variety of full-time and contractor roles, including computer technicians, engineers, and various food services, maintenance, and security roles. Source: Google
Dublin has been home to Google’s European headquarters for many years. In September 2011, the cloud provider announced that we would invest €75 million to convert a warehouse on an industrial site in West Dublin into its third energy efficient data centre in Europe. To date, Google has invested approximately €500 million to build and operate data centres on its Dublin site. Source: Google
Google is investing over $1.2 billion to develop its Henderson site, which put both Henderson and Nevada on a global stage as a hub for tech innovation. Source: Google


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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