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The day Equinix become a Fortune 500 business

Ranking #461, Equinix's listing comes at a time when data centres have become more critical than ever keeping the world working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Updated June 12, 2021 / Original June 08, 2021

This is the 67th edition of Fortune's ranking of America’s largest companies. Together, the 500 corporations on this year’s list generated $13.8 trillion in revenue, or some two-thirds of the US economy. Source: Fortune

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By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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June 08, 2021 | 2:32 PM BST

Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) has made history by becoming the first data centre operator to be ranked on the list of FORTUNE 500 companies.

As part of the occasion, Charles Meyers, president and CEO of the company, told investors, shareholders, clients and employees: “From our humble beginnings in 1998 with a single data centre serving as a neutral hub where networks could physically exchange internet traffic to our role today as the world’s digital infrastructure company, there is much to be proud of as Equinix has evolved over the past two decades.

“Along the way, there have been many milestones that have made us pause and reflect on our progress: our 100th and now 200th IBX, making FORTUNE’s Most Admired Companies list earlier this year, and most recently achieving our 73rd quarter of consecutive revenue growth.

“It is with immense gratitude and pride that I share with you another one of those milestones – for the first time in our company’s history, Equinix has ranked on the list of FORTUNE 500 companies!”

Ranking #461, Equinix’s listing comes at a time when data centres have become more critical than ever keeping the world working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is how the industry reacted alongside a visual dive into some of the latest developments by Equinix.

Nasdaq congratulates Equinix on their inclusion in the Fortune 500 displaying the provider’s logo on the exchange’s Times Square outdoor LED screens in New York City. This is the first time ever a data centre operator has reached such milestone. Source: Equinix
Equinix IBX and xScale Data Center map as of March 9, 2021. Source: Equinix
Meet Equinix’s latest data centre facility, its new IBX Data Center in Silicon Valley. With the addition of SV11, Equinix has now invested more than US$1.25 billion in the local economy. Source: Equinix
Equinix SV11 IBX data centre interior. Source: Equinix
Render of Equinix’s future SG5 International Business Exchange (IBX) in Singapore. With an initial investment of US$144 million in the first phase, the purpose-built facility will meet growing demand for cloud connectivity for enterprises as they transform digitally. Source: Equinix
An empty hosting floor soon to be filled with racks and servers at Equinix’s newest SV11 data centre in Silicon Valley. Source: Equinix
President and CEO Charles J. Meyers joined Equinix in 2010 as president of Equinix Americas, leading the company’s largest P&L through a time of significant growth and strong operating performance. He then served as the Chief Operating Officer at Equinix. Before taking to the role of global president and CEO, Meyers was president of strategy, services and innovation (SSI) leading Equinix’s strategic business teams. Source: Equinix


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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