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COP26: The lessons for digital infrastructure investors

Transparency and open data within digital infrastructure is the next step; it’s a requirement for moving towards creating a sustainable digital infrastructure and economy. And this is a priority highlighted across COP26, writes Max Schulze, executive chairman of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA).

Updated December 02, 2021 / Original December 02, 2021

International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition Launch at Cop 26 on the 10th November 2021 at the SEC,Glasgow. Source: Justin Goff/UK Government

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By Max Schulze

Executive Chairman, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA)

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December 02, 2021 | 1:39 PM GMT

COP26 came with a lot of expectations. One could believe that this event would solve climate change with one meeting. The Conference of Parties is not about making large, global decisions, it’s about agreeing on the practical implementation of the Paris Agreement between 198 countries. And despite the many disappointments, the COP has delivered one key aspect: a global commitment to reporting, and transparency on a regular basis. Never before have the majority of UN members agreed to report on their environmental impact, every two years, beginning in 2024.

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Max Schulze

Executive Chairman, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA)

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