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Data Center Resiliency is About Much More than Uptime

Let’s focus on making our people as resilient as the essential infrastructure the world depends on, asks Dave Pye, chair of Portman Partners.

Updated July 14, 2022 / Original July 14, 2022

By Dave Pye

Chair, Portman Partners

6 Mins

July 14, 2022 | 10:27 AM BST

I recently had the pleasure of attending two in person digital infrastructure events, the first in Monaco in May and more recently, The Tech Capital’s inaugural International Finance Forum held in London in early June. From presentations and conversations, it’s clear that datacentre resiliency is still a top item on the list most senior sector executives’ concerns–and rightly so. Ensuring our data centres are continually operating at optimum levels in the most effective, and sustainable manner possible, matters greatly.  As the sectors continues to grow in size and number, and as an essential element of the global economic and social infrastructure, resiliency matters more than ever.

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Dave Pye

Chair, Portman Partners

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