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Doing more to ensure the circularity of IT in the data centre

A truly circular IT economy is vital to the effective reduction of embodied energy consumed by IT asset manufacture and supply, writes Andy Gomarsall MBE, chairman of N2S.

Updated February 02, 2022 / Original February 02, 2022

By Andy Gomarsall MBE

Chairman, N2S

5 Mins

February 02, 2022 | 1:30 AM GMT

The lifetime “embodied” carbon of data centre IT assets, such as servers, storage and network equipment, can be over a tonne. Dell considers theirs to be in the region of 1250kg – 1750kgs of CO2e, and up to 90% of this is in the PCB manufacture. That’s the amount already consumed before they even get installed - let alone power up - and accounts for the sourcing of raw materials, component assembly, manufacturing, and transportation implications.

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