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Metaverse: A direction of travel rather than a destination?

The term Metaverse has already been hi-jacked, with many brands launching ‘metaverse’ websites that have a few elements of the concept but are nowhere near the vision, writes Tran Hoang Giang, vice president for FPT Software and founder of Aura Network.

Updated August 15, 2022 / Original August 15, 2022

By Tran Hoang Giang

Founder, Aura Network & VP, FPT Software

8 Mins

August 15, 2022 | 7:26 AM BST

The Metaverse can perhaps best be described as a direction of travel. A journey several major players in the software field have embarked upon and are in the process of investing very substantial sums of money in bringing into existence. There is some vague agreement about the destination, what the metaverse might be,  but very little detail about how to get there or when they will arrive.

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Tran Hoang Giang

Founder, Aura Network & VP, FPT Software

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