Norway’s data centre giants DigiPlex, Bulk, Green Mountain, Lefdal Mine unite to launch international industry association

Data centre capacity in Norway has increased by 17% per year since 2010, with US$314 million invested in the period of 2019-20 alone, according to Implement Economics.

By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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June 22, 2021 | 11:48 AM BST

Norway’s hosting heavyweights have set rivalries aside and come together to launch a new industry association that aims to place Norway higher on the agenda of international businesses and investors.

The joint cooperation between several hosting and power companies including DigiPlex, Bulk Infrastructure, Green Mountain, Lefdal Mine Datacenter, Statkraft, Ringerikskraft and ICT-Norway, has led to the new business association Norwegian Data Center Industry -or in Norwegian Norsk Datasenterindustri.

The association is placed under ICT-Norway and “will strengthen the industry’s efforts for improved framework conditions and increased joint international marketing,” the members said in a joint statement.

“The Norwegian Data Center Industry will work to strengthen Norway’s position as a data centre nation internationally, supported by the fact that Norway offers the highest share of renewable energy in Europe, with a very low climate footprint and the lowest electricity prices,” it continued.

In order to attract major international players to Norway, including further foreign investment, the association will work with the following topics:

  • Improved framework conditions for the data center sector;
  • Simplify procedures for construction and operation of large data centers;
  • Coordinate international marketing activities;
  • Contribute to more and better educational offerings within the data center sector;
  • Promote the use of sustainable technology and contribute to reaching the climate-neutrality objective.

The Executive Board of the Norwegian Data Center Industry consists of Chairman of the board, Petter M. Tømmeraas from Basefarm where he serves as the business’ SVP. Other board members include Gisle Eckhoff (Bulk, from September 1), Halvor Bjerke (DigiPlex), Tor Kristian Gyland (Green Mountain), Jørn Skaane (Lefdal Mine Datacenter), Liv Freihow (ICT-Norway), and Kathrine Langjord (Statkraft).

Chairman Tømmeraas said: “The Norwegian Data Center Industry must be a clear voice in the public debate and must be an active driving force for necessary changes.

“To succeed, we need a clear, committed and well-composed executive board, with the necessary weight, breadth and experience. We’ve got it. I look forward to leading this board’s work in the future.”

Appointed general manager Bjørn Rønning, added: “Norway has all the prerequisites to become an attractive country to invest in a computerised business sector. The Norwegian data centre industry has an untapped growth and value creation potential, set against a large and rapidly growing international market.”

He continued to say that the Norwegian Data Center Industry will be a key player in ensuring good growth conditions and framework conditions for the industry.

Also commenting, Benedicte Fasmer Waaler, special adviser at investment agency Invest in Norway, said: “Invest in Norway, a section of Innovation Norway, is working to attract foreign investments in Norway, including in the data centre industry.

“We are very positive to the formation of the Norwegian Data Center Industry, with the most mature players in Norway at the forefront. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

According to international consulting group COWI, the Nordic data centre construction market could attract annual investment in the order of EUR 2–4.3 bn. by 2025 with the power capacity in data centre additions ranging between 280–580 MW annually.


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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