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The AI inflection point for Data Centers

AI could well be the single biggest transformation of the digital age. It’s exciting to be at the heart of delivering the foundations that will make that transformation possible, writes Amy Daniell, SVP of Strategy & Development, STACK EMEA.

Updated July 12, 2023 / Original July 05, 2023

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By Amy Daniell

SVP Strategy & Development, STACK EMEA

7 Mins

July 05, 2023 | 11:41 PM BST

According to Statista, mentions of AI rocketed in the earnings calls of hyperscalers this year. Google owner, Alphabet, mentioned AI 65 times in its Q2 earnings call, Meta said it 56 times and Microsoft 53. Machine learning is clearly on the minds of key industry players. The media, business leaders, regulators, and legislators around the world are also increasingly focused on the opportunities and risks presented by this rapidly emerging technology. So, what does this proliferation of AI mean for data centers and those who design, build, and operate them?

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Amy Daniell

SVP Strategy & Development, STACK EMEA

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