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Building a Data Retention Strategy for Infrastructure and Governance

In maximising the value of data over the short and long term, this is becoming a must-have for organisations focused on success, writes Lee Biggenden, COO and Co-Founder, Nephos Technologies.

Updated May 04, 2022 / Original May 04, 2022

The Tech Capital

By Lee Biggenden

COO and Co-Founder, Nephos Technologies

5 Mins

May 04, 2022 | 3:35 AM BST

Across the wide spectrum of organisations currently focused on building effective data strategies, the issue of data retention is increasingly important – and challenging. In particular, the pressure to balance infrastructure and governance priorities is intensifying, which is hardly surprising given the growing value of data across commerce and society as a whole.

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Lee Biggenden

COO and Co-Founder, Nephos Technologies

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