Colt’s 17 European data centres are now fully powered by renewables

Operator will also help sister company - Colt Technology Services – to become greener by supplying power to the brand.

By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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February 08, 2021 | 12:10 PM GMT

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) has announced that its operations across the UK and Europe are now fully powered by 100% renewable power. 

Colt DCS has also committed to providing green power to sister company Colt Technology Services and its customers using DCS data centres in the region, in an effort to help them also reduce their own carbon emissions. 

Across the UK and Europe, Colt DCS currently operates 17 carrier neutral data centres, with three in London.

These pledges align with Colt DCS and Colt Technology Services’ joint commitment to becoming a market leader in sustainability, as both companies begin their transitions to support a zero-carbon economy. 

The data centre provider has also committed to setting ambitious, science-based emission reduction targets which will be finalised in 2021.

Colt DCS Director of Energy and Sustainability, Scott Balloch said: “Our accelerated transition to renewable energy is just the first step in our journey to becoming more sustainable as a business and industry, with much more to come. At Colt DCS, we believe the responsibility lies with us as an industry to lead the way, generate our own high standards for sustainability, and present these to governments. That is why we are currently developing impactful, science-based metrics that we can hold ourselves accountable to.”

Colt DCS and Colt Technology Services are developing a sustainability strategy underpinned by both companies’ visions on becoming the most customer-focused across the industry. Colt wants to enable its customers to reach their own sustainability goals by being a strategic partner of choice who is passionate and proactive in driving change across the industry.

Within its existing workforce Colt has already established a global ‘Green Team’ who have already implemented several initiatives including minimising the use of plastic bottles and cups across its entire estate, the use of more efficient LED lighting within its data centres and offices as well as promoting cycling initiatives for its employee base.

“We want to be leaders in changing the way the industry thinks about becoming more sustainable, and it’s something that is becoming increasingly important to people making informed decisions about what organisations they want to build and progress their careers with. It is something that is important to a lot of the millennial workforce, so force is crucial to embed within our organisation in order to attract future talent,” added Balloch.

Caroline Griffin Pain, General Counsel for Colt, added: “We couldn’t be prouder that Colt DCS is transforming the way that we operate by ensuring we are using renewable power across all our European and UK sites. Together we are embarking on a critical journey to become more sustainable. 

“As an industry who has a significant impact on the environment, we have to make the changes to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced and we are creating a future we can be proud of.”


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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