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Is it time personal data privacy was properly regulated?

By introducing further, onerous legislation for those already struggling to understand and implement the existing law, governments risk simply creating further confusion among businesses and panic among consumers, writes Simon Randall, CEO at Pimloc.

Updated August 16, 2021 / Original August 16, 2021

The Tech Capital

By Simon Randall

CEO, Pimloc

5 Mins

August 16, 2021 | 12:14 PM BST

Recent announcements from Google and Apple around tightening privacy have put personal data protection concerns back on the agenda. These major corporates have clearly seen which way the wind is blowing and are fighting a rear-guard action against new market entrants who offer a more open transaction for their services – such as money – rather than mining personal data to an arguably intrusive level.  But is this enough or do we need to go further?  

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