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Safeguarding the future of the European Internet starts with re-centring digital infrastructure in the EU policy equation

The EU is seen as a driving force of innovation globally; in order to truly enable an innovative, free, and fair Internet, the EU must consider all the actors within the sphere of Internet service provision, writes Elina Ussa, President of EuroISPA.

Updated December 04, 2023 / Original December 04, 2023

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By Elina Ussa

President, EuroISPA

4 Mins

December 04, 2023 | 5:00 AM GMT

A free and fair Internet is at the core of serving the interests of European citizens. The EU has progressively increased its focus on digital policymaking, which is evident in the proposal of major pieces of legislation. Correlating quantity to quality, however, ignores the potential for such policies to overload the burden on the invisible dimension of the Internet – Internet Services Providers (ISPs) – a core part of the Internet’s underlying infrastructure.

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Elina Ussa

President, EuroISPA

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