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Tackling uncertainty during the ‘Pingdemic’

Keeping perspective, being authentic and presenting our human side has been a successful strategy during the toughest of times and will be an excellent template for navigating the challenges of the ‘pingdemic’ and whatever else this extraordinary time throws at us, writes Amanda Grant, chief product officer at Advanced.

Updated September 07, 2021 / Original September 07, 2021

By Amanda Grant

Chief Product Officer, Advanced

7 Mins

September 07, 2021 | 12:34 PM BST

Just as organisations start bringing people back into the workplace, the so-called ‘pingdemic’ is causing frustration and further isolating IT employees who really want to come back. We’re clearly not going to be out of the woods for some time, but there are ways that employers can support staff and maintain productivity during these uncertain times, writes Alex Arundale, Chief People Officer, Advanced.

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Amanda Grant

Chief Product Officer, Advanced

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