Telefónica sells data centres to $700m PE-backed retail colo

Another site deal is to be closed in 2022 as the company continues to divest digital infrastructure.

By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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July 26, 2021 | 12:29 AM BST

Telefónica sells data centres to $700m PE-backed retail colo

Emilio Díaz, CEO of Nabiax

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Spanish telecom operator Telefónica (BME: TEF) is continuing to divest data centre assets, this time with the sale of three extra facilities to retail colocation provider Nabiax.

Nabiax is no stranger to dealing and buying from Telefónica, as the company was formed by private equity investment vehicle Asterion Industrial Partners in 2019, after it bought 11 data centres comprising 29 MW from Telefónica for €550 million ($668.80 million), equivalent to 18.3x EBITDA at the time.

Last May, Telefónica announced the sale of four sites to Nabiax in exchange of a 20% stake in the business to be held by Telefónica Infra.

The three new sites are part of that same deal, with the fourth site located in San Martín and Apoquindo, Chile. Nabiax said it expects to close the deal on that centre in early 2022.

As for the Spanish sites, these are all located in Spain, with two based in Nabiax’s Julián Camarillo campus in Madrid, and one in Terrassa, north of Barcelona.

Combined, the facilities include 6 MW of power and bring Nabiax’s total capacity up for development to 120 MW in Spain alone.

Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, however, according to Spanish newspaper El Economista, the transaction – including the Chilian site – reportedly reached €100 million ($120 million).

Emilio Díaz, CEO of Nabiax, said: “This transaction is of double meaning to us: firsrly, because it involves such an important partner such as Telefónica in the shareholding of Nabiax, which allows us to reinforce our relationship with partners that together can face any future challenges, like edge computing. Secondly, [the deal has] consolidated our leader place within the Spanish market, where we expect to grow very considerably in the coming years.”

Nabiax’s global footprint. Source: Nabiax

In addition to the acquisition, which the company said it is part of its strategic plan, Nabiax also announced several other expansions to sites in Europe and Latin America.

In Madrid, the business plans to reach up to 100 MW at its Alcalá de Henares campus before the end of the year. Work has also begun to expand the Julián Camarillo campus’ building three by 2 MW.

Over in South America, the company is to add 1 MW in Paine, Chile, whilst 2M will be added to its 7 MW already operational power in Brazil.

Díaz added: “The newly acquired capacity and the investments committed to its improvement and expansion ensure the development of advanced data centre infrastructures, which are a key element for economic reconstruction in activities focused on the digital transformation of society.

“Our entire strategy is based on a well-defined ESG policy, oriented towards environmental sustainability and social commitment to the ecosystem where we interact.”

NABIAX operates with data centres in Spain (Julián Camarillo, Madrid, and Alcalá de Henares, Terrasa), the USA (Key Center), Brazil (CIC and Tamboré), Mexico (Itxlahuaca), Peru (Lince and Monterrico), Chile (Paine) and Argentina (Barracas and Vélez).


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Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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