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Under the Hood: What it Takes to Deliver Cloud Security That Performs

Taking a peek under the hood of the solutions provided by vendors and assessing the architectures on which these are built should help ensure there are no unexpected surprises waiting around the corner, writes Anurag Kahol, Founder and CTO at Bitglass, a Forcepoint company.

Updated February 08, 2022 / Original February 08, 2022

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By Anurag Kahol

Founder and CTO, Bitglass, a Forcepoint company

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February 08, 2022 | 12:58 AM GMT

Imagine you’ve just purchased a brand new car that’s fully loaded with all the latest accessories and gadgets. You’re itching to take it on the road and test drive the speed camera detection feature while making the most of the heated seat backs and armrests.

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Anurag Kahol

Founder and CTO, Bitglass, a Forcepoint company

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