Zoot opens Sydney data centre in answer to data sovereignty laws

Australia has seen a steady flow of data centre deals in the past few weeks.

By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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June 29, 2021 | 12:29 PM BST

Australia’s data regulation and location laws have forced Zoot Enterprises to establish a new data centre in Sydney.

This will be Zoot’s fifth data centre, and extends the company’s global presence to three continents.

Zoot already operates data centres in Bozeman Montana, Billings Montana, Frankfurt Germany and Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

The company said the new Australian data centre will ensure that companies doing business on that continent have a “secure transaction environment that meets local requirements for onshore restriction of data”.

Zoot serves companies in the financial, retail and medical industries. The company’s worldwide client base includes top-ten financial institutions, auto manufacturers, retailers, hospitals and global payment providers.

Tony Rosanova, president and CTO of Zoot, said: “This data centre expansion is being driven by client needs, and is testament to our willingness and our flexibility to go above and beyond for our customer family.

“We are also proud to have built the centre with our own framework, which allowed us to deploy this country-specific solution within weeks instead of months.”

Australia has seen a steady flow of data centre deals in the past few weeks. For example, investment manager firm Amber Infrastructure Group has acquired a majority stake in Australia’s data centre platform, iseek Pty Ltd.

Similarly, to Zoot, the acquisition marks Amber’s first digital infrastructure investment in the country.

Also, Macquarie Data Centres has opened a new facility in the capital Canberra just last week.

The company continues to build sites in a A$200 million (US$150 million) investment push into its sovereign Canberra and Sydney Data Centre Campuses.

The IC5 Bunker data centre has been built specifically to support government data and is IRAP and DISP accredited with the capacity of housing up to Zone 5 top secret data.

The unveiling comes as cybersecurity becomes a bigger issue in Australia following a series of cyber-attacks that have damaged media, agriculture, energy, and other sectors in recent months, the company said.


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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