Evoque buys cloud consultancy in application-first infrastructure drive

Operator combines colocation, connectivity and cloud expertise for multi-generational infrastructure in answer to the rapid digital transformation of enterprises.

By João Marques Lima

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July 06, 2021 | 2:15 PM BST

Evoque buys cloud consultancy in application-first infrastructure drive

Andy Stewart, president and CEO at Evoque Data Center Solutions. Source: Evoque

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Texas-based Evoque Data Center Solutions has acquired Foghorn Consulting and announced a new solution to ease businesses shifts from an infrastructure-first approach, where workloads are forced into existing infrastructures, to a flexible, “application-first” approach in which each workload utilises the infrastructure it needs.

On the consultancy acquisition, the company said the deal is a key component in the design and implementation of Evoque’s “application-first,” Multi-Generational Infrastructure (MGI) strategy.

Silicon Valley-based provider of cloud consulting and cloud engineering services Foghorn will serve as Evoque’s cloud engineering arm. As their requirements evolve, enterprises will be able to use their services to help them tailor and implement infrastructure solutions that meet their needs, especially around DevOps, CI/CD, containers, SRE, and Infrastructure as Code.

In this interview, Evoque Data Center Solutions’ president and CEO Andy Stewart and Peter Roosakos, CTO of Foghorn Consulting discuss the acquisition as well as the colocation provider’s new application-first framework, its benefits and how the business adapted itself to the offering.

Andy Stewart, president and CEO at Evoque Data Center Solutions, said: “Over the past 13 years, Foghorn has built an enviable reputation as an innovative cloud engineering leader with exceptional customer service, cloud expertise and winning culture.

“With the acquisition of Foghorn, Evoque continues to execute on our growth strategy and give our customers a future-forward and flexible solution that puts their business and applications first. We are pleased to welcome Foghorn’s team of seasoned and talented cloud and hybrid engineers to Evoque as key partners in our growth.”

Sharing more details on Evoque’s MGI, Stewart explained that the solution enables firms to optimise their options for workload deployment across the widest range of options, including on-premises, colocation, and edge data centres, as well as cloud and multi-cloud hybrid configurations. 

MGI is architected to work with cloud-based vendors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more, on a global basis.

Stewart added: “Our MGI strategy speaks to clients’ needs to deploy today’s application workloads across a blended infrastructure. 

“It points to our ability, with the addition of Foghorn, to tailor solutions across colocation and cloud environments and more, with the ability to change workload deployments over time as their business and application needs evolve.” 

Foghorn will continue to operate independently as a subsidiary of Evoque. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.  Alantra acted as a financial advisor to Foghorn in this transaction.

Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm, said: “Evoque’s purchase of Foghorn Consulting, combined with MGI, delivers a fitting way of positioning the two and delivering more options to its client base. 

“The result points toward a more aligned, more engaged, and more meaningful relationship with them that will open tangible opportunities and provide significant benefits.”


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Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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