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Future Networks Built on 5G and Edge Cloud

Networks must evolve for the sake of how we work and how we live, as well as for the sake of the network providers facing an inflection point with the services they provide and how they’re delivered to end users, writes Jürgen Hatheier, Chief Technology Officer for EMEA at Ciena.

Updated September 30, 2021 / Original September 30, 2021

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By Jürgen Hatheier


7 Mins

September 30, 2021 | 4:13 PM BST

In the UK and across the globe, recent events have cemented how crucial highly reliable internet connectivity is - not just for businesses, but in our personal lives, as well. From consumers enjoying streaming services and binge-watching the latest Netflix series, to students at home studying, and enterprises benefiting from business applications like Salesforce and Dropbox, the cloud has become the de facto standard on how people and organisations operate.  And, let’s not forget, that 5G will also play a key role in driving our digital lives moving forward.

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