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Hyperconverged Analytics Needs a Village

The idea behind hyperconverged analytics is that the business embraces the rate at which data changes and has a central foundation and centre of excellence from which to respond to those changes, writes Shawn Rogers, VP analytics strategy at TIBCO.

Updated July 29, 2021 / Original July 29, 2021

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By Shawn Rogers

VP analytics strategy, TIBCO

8 Mins

July 29, 2021 | 1:22 PM BST

Looking in the rearview mirror to evaluate the success or failure of your business decisions can be helpful, but it only gives you a view of how you did or didn't do, without offering direction of where you are going and how you will fare in the future. The ability to reflect on the past was a foundational value to early analytics. Today, innovations in analytics are used by businesses that want to view things in the present, in real-time, and use this to predict and understand what is likely to happen tomorrow. 

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Shawn Rogers

VP analytics strategy, TIBCO

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