PTC’22: What's happening in digital infrastructure and Day 3 highlights

The Tech Capital is in Hawaii for this year’s edition of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC).

By João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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January 19, 2022 | 11:39 AM GMT

The Tech Capital joins McKenna Maduli to discuss highlights from the Tuesday program, and what to expect for Wednesday’s Center Stage at #PTC22.


T5 to launch federal hyperscale data centre campus in Georgia

T5 Data Centers (T5) has unveiled T5@Augusta, the planned development of a 140-acre, 200 MW government and enterprise cloud data centre campus in Augusta, Georgia, the Southeast’s cybersecurity hub.

Pete Marin, CEO of T5, said: “The vast, premium location of this property makes it ideal for federal cloud space and government contractors, with access to a large labour force with required security clearances, access to lit, dark, and black fibre, and any necessary physical security measures.

“In addition, our clients get a business-friendly and stable tax environment, with 100% sales tax abatement on IT purchases, property tax rebates, and low-cost reliable power.”

American Tower names new tech broker

American Tower (NYSE: AMT) said Shamrock Consulting Group has became the newest addition to its growing Channel Partner program.

Shamrock Consulting sources technology solutions for enterprises, such as cloud, data centre, wide area networks and cybersecurity solutions.

Under the agreement, Shamrock gains access to edge and metro collocation services in key markets across the U.S.

Ben Ferguson, Executive Vice President of Shamrock Consulting, said: “Strong and reliable connectivity is an essential part of delivering content for OTT service providers, which is why we wanted to work with American Tower.

“Their exceptional facility, paired with robust connectivity services via on-net providers and its fibre bridge to 56 Marietta, provides the network backbone necessary for OTT providers to successfully deliver content and keep their customers happy.”

Industry players close in on subsea infrastructure outages

Deep-tech fiber sensing company FiberSense and critical infrastructure owner Southern Cross Cable Network (SX) announced successful testing of the world’s first subsea cable monitoring service that can co-exist on a live traffic carrying fibre.

The FiberSense DigitalAsset Marine system covers the shore-end network, all the way from the Cable Landing Station to the first repeater.

The solution has been field tested from FiberSense’s New Zealand cable station.

Subsea telecommunication cables are vital – they carry the cloud and the internet between continents. 

Cable breaks are increasingly causing large enterprise, government and consumer disruptions with enormous total costs to the community.  

More cables are being built as the Internet/Cloud/SaaS demands sees exponential growth in data use that in turn presents steeply rising implications when an outage occurs.

Dean Veverka, Director Networks & VP Operations, SX, said: “Submarine cable infrastructure is the only capital infrastructure that once deployed to the ocean floor is completely invisible from the surface. It has been that way since the first trans-Atlantic cable was installed in the 1850’s.

“Today, around 70% of damage to submarine cables is due to anchor drag and fishing net trawling. High-risk areas are also found at cable protection zones and near landing stations where there is increased risk of multiple cables being taken out by the same event.”

Zayo deploys fibre into Utah’s largest data centre

Novva Data Centers have released a case study this week in conjunction with network solutions provider Zayo detailing the two companies’ recent partnership to develop diverse, high bandwidth fiber connectivity to Novva’s Utah Data Center.

During the build-out of its centre in Utah, which opened in September, Novva set out to become Utah’s largest hyperscale, multi-tenant data centre campus, offering a combination of wholesale and colocation.

As such, Novva was particularly focused on ensuring the space would be safe from environmental threats. With these needs in mind, Zayo provided Novva’s Utah center with a diverse four fibre dark fibre ring that connects Novva to major aggregation hubs in the state. In addition to the fibre ring, Zayo also supplied the data centre with 100G dedicated internet service.

“Connectivity is essential for our location in Utah, and Zayo provides the infrastructure we need to meet those demands,” says Novva CEO Wes Swenson.

“Our goal in Utah was to build at scale, and when you achieve that, you can do what we call ‘wholocation,’ which is wholesale colocation. You can do wholesale of substantial clients, 5, 10, 15, megawatts in the same building or campus. Zayo’s network makes that possible.”

Another primary interest for Novva was the ability to scale itself and provide the same scalability and flexibility to tenants. The pandemic emphasized the need for centers to be able to scale and do so quickly. Zayo’s large network provides Novva with the available inventory to do just that.

“Our fiber or aggregation points are designed for scalability, meaning they’re broad, deep, and highly resilient, translating to less downtime,” Swenson continued. “This allows for low latency that, at times, beats other carriers by 10 to 20% in speed.”


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João Marques Lima

Founder and Editor, The Tech Capital

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